March 16, 2017

I'm not really into designer labels and would rather have a good dupe and give myself a pat on the back that I have saved so much money finding a cheaper similar product but this little statement flies out of the window when it comes to fragrance.
A few years ago I wouldn't think twice about spending £30 on a bottle of perfume my favourite at the time was Jimmy Choo but  now I tend to try and not spend as much mainly buying cheaper fragrances and just having the expensive ones for Christmas or Birthday. 

The one I have which lasts the longest is Britney original Fantasy. I bought this a year or so ago and it last so long you literally get sick of it as the day goes on and at £20 for 100ml it's a perfect choice.

I do tend to buy celebrity fragrances even if I'm not a fan of the celebrity. The J lo Love fragrance is the ideal example of this. It smells lovely and at £4.99 it's fantastic to have in your handbag.

If I was to choose one brand to buy for it would be Vera Wang. My favourite is Princess even though I've not got a bottle at the moment. I do love Love Struck as well and I have Love Struck Floral.. the Floral version isn't as nice as the original but it's wearable and it was a lot cheaper.

I don't often shop in the body shop. I do love the brand but find it's so expensive. I bought the White Musk Libertine in the sale after Christmas. If I'm honest it was the name that grabbed me as I love the  band The Libertines but that aside it's a really nice fragrance.

I love the ladies version of Cool Water and find it lasts a long time and is fairly priced.

Recently if you bought two skincare products from Superdrug you got a free mini 5ml sample of Versace Bright Crystal. Now this is a light fragrance that is perfect for spring. It does last for a while but a bigger bottle is expensive but brilliant as a little freebie

And last but not least a blog wouldn't be complete without a mention of Primark and there fragrances don't disappoint. They are so cheap you can have one of each fragrance and even though they do need topping up as the day goes on they are ideal for a handbag or travel.

I hope you have enjoyed this little guide to cheaper fragrances and I think it's great to know you don't have to spend a fortune to smell nice. Let me know if you can recommend any more as I would love to hear from you.

Happy fragrance shopping

Jue X

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