March 17, 2017

In a previous blog I told you my love of a Primark shop and this morning my little heart was happy again when I took a drive to my local store in Stoke.
I didn't really need anything but I always love a look around and never leave empty handed.
I didn't buy much (I know... what's wrong with me) but I did get a few goodies. So grab a cuppa and a Jaffa cake and read what a 30 something buys from Primark.
No shop is complete without a furry pompon I saw this and it made me think of unicorns so I popped it in my basket. Don't know where I'm going to put it because I already have about six.. but you can't have to many furry pom-poms especially ones that remind you of unicorns.....please tell me I'm right?
The little purse was an impulse buy but at £3 I thought it was super cute. It's great for coins and would be perfect on a holiday.

I am on a diet so I didn't want to buy clothes in the hope I can loose some weight before the summer months  ( I wish!) but that idea went out of the window when I saw a cute little Daisy vest at £2.50 so I bought it but very unsure about it. I did buy underwear as well but you don't want to see that.
I always buy some make up (cause I'm abit of an addict) so I bought a little power brush, my favourite Naked lipstick and an eyeliner pen as Primark ones are excellent and don't smudge (I've had dearer ones that aren't as good).

Well I can't be trusted to walk past a Superdrug and not go in. The one in Stoke is a lot bigger than the one in our town so I had to go in. I wanted to try a few L'Oréal items and they were on 3 for 2 so couldn't resist.. I bought more eyeliner (I went Superdrug before I picked up the Primark one but you can't have to much) I bought another Matte lip product and the new foundation ( I will do a future blog post  telling you what I think).
Well all I can say is sorry yes I bought two more purses... one is the Zoella little purse/ makeup bag that I thought would be perfect for holidays again to put my makeup bits in and the small purse with eyes was so super cute and I couldn't resist it. I might use it someday.
So there you have it my little Friday morning shop. I'm going again soon so there might be a shopping blog post on Sunday. Hope you can join me then.
Any recommendations? Please leave in the comments..
Happy shopping 
Love JUE X  

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