March 27, 2017

In previous blog posts I've told you my love of Revlon Colorstay foundation and how it was £4.99 at B&M for the older style bottle without the pump. 
After making a big deal of this my local B&M ran out of my shade 180 Sand Beige. In light of this I had to resort in buying the new style bottle at £12.99 much to my upset as I don't like spending more than £10 on any make up item. 
But saying this I was excited to try the new style pump bottle and to see if the formula was the same as I had read many reviews saying it was better but I had always been happy with the original or so I thought..... 

The first thing that was obvious is the pump, it makes applying the foundation so much easier and there is no waste on the sponge or brush you choose to apply it.
Secondly the foundation seemed to glide on if that makes sense and even though my old one did last all day I hadn't noticed it did seem to go oranger as the day went one where as the new version keeps true to the colour all day. I don't know if this is because of the new formula or the fact I was buying old stock because I had never noticed it before.
Now I have tried the new formula I don't think I will return to the old one anytime soon as I hadn't realised just how bad it had become. Whether it was old stock, me being stuck in a rut and blissfully unaware or just my skin wanting a change. So if you have tried Colorstay years ago and think it's the same give it a try and let me know what you think in the comments below especially if you love it as much as I do and think it's worth £12.99.
Happy makeup hunting
Jue X

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