March 19, 2017

Well everyone knows I love to shop and this morning I went shopping again, don't blame me blame mini Juelook who wanted to shop with her friend so it would be rude for me to not buy anything while I was there.

I think I had holidays in mind when I was in Primark today. I find with Primark if you don't buy it when you first see it you go in next time and it's all sold out so when I saw these fab summer flip flop tassel sandals and they were £4.. yes £4 I just had to buy them...They are a real bargain and can't wait for the sun to shine though so I can wear them.
I didn't really need another pair of sunglasses but I bought this style last year in cream and in Black and I saw these tortoise shell coloured ones and loved them so they went in the basket.
I didn't need another make up bag but loved the slogan "be more unicorn" it's a great size as well and I'm going to do a what's in my new makeup bag soon so watch this space. I bought a false lash effect Mascara as well so will keep you updated what this is like in a later blog.
I'm saving the best till last and Primark has excelled itself with this little beauty......

Now please don't all be jealous but I've only found a cat pompom for £3. If you are a cat lover like me you are going to love it. I have far to many pom-poms so please would someone tell me not to buy more...
Thank you for reading this and your continued support as ever.. leave a comment so message me as I would love to here from you.
Happy pompom shopping
Love Jue X

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