March 18, 2017

I love buying Makeup and spend way to much money on new products that I haven't a clue if I'm going to like it or not and if you use it once and it's pants it seems a complete waste of money.
So if you haven't used any of the four products I have tried this blog could be very useful so read on.

The four products I have got to try are;
L'Oréal Paris infallible total cover foundation in the shade 12 natural rose
L'Oréal Paris black lacquer by super liner
Maybelline colour 24hr tattoo in the shade 102 Fantasy
Natural collection blushed cheeks in the shade rosey glow.

The foundation was the most expensive at £9.99 and I loved the idea of a total cover foundation so was very excited to try it. But even though it does cover well it doesn't last long and you soon need to touch up with some pressed powder by dinner time and if it's a choice between this and the Revlon Colorstay it would be the Revlon all the way. So if you like the Colorstay I would stick to that and save some money but that's just my opinion and I do have oily skin so it might suit someone with normal or dry skin.
The next product I tried was the black lacquer by super liner and this was £5.99. I had used this years ago and it was rubbish but this product claimed to be waterproof  so thought it would be worth a second chance.
Well I'm not disappointed this eyeliner is amazing and has a really glossy finish. It stayed on all day as well even when I got tearful watching "Saving Mr Banks" (it's such a good film btw). I usually just pay £1 for my Primark one but this stuff is amazing but I will probably still stick to Primark.
I love Maybelline colour 24hr tattoo eye shadow cream and even though I have never tried to see if it lasts the full 24hours as it promises it does last me all day. The shade I use is on and on bronze so wanted to try a different shade and this one is just my cup of tea. At £4.99 I can recommend it to anyone and I think it's brilliant for travel or a small handbag when you don't want to carry a large pallete around.
The last product is boots natural collection blusher it was only £1.99 so the price suited me down to the ground. The item doesn't disappoint and is a beautiful natural colour on the cheeks and is long lasting as well so well worth a try if you are after a new blusher.
I hope this helps some of you and if you can recommend any cheap beauty products please leave me a comments as I love to try new products.
Thank you to everyone who has messaged me already I really love to hear your feedback.
Happy makeup shopping
Jue X

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