April 23, 2017

By Jue Douglas 

How great is it to find a little beauty hack to save you time in a morning. I have found 15 brilliant ones that you probably know, but if you don't here they are:

1. Make a lipstick Matte by dusting translucent powder over your lips with a fine brush (this makes it last longer as well).

2.Use a clear lipgloss to make a Matte lipstick shiny.

3. Use a cardboard template or Credit Card to use as a guide for a perfect flicked eyeliner look.

4. On Brunette hair, use dry shampoo, such as Superdrug's Cocoa Brownie on your roots to cover grey hair.

5. Soak freshly painted nails in ice cold water to help them dry faster.

6. Nail varnish in the fridge makes the varnish go on smoother.

7. If your mascara has dried out use saline solution to give it a whole new lease of life.

8. White eyeshadow or pencil in your water line will make your eyes look bigger.

9. Use Mascara as a liquid eyeliner, all you need is an eyeliner brush.

10. Apply concealer in a triangle under your eyes instead of dots and blend to cover dark circles.

11. Add a little bit of moisturiser to lighten up a dark foundation.

12. For summer makeup for holiday instead of using face lotion, spf, and foundation, use a great BB cream which is a great lightweight holiday alternative.

13. To save time straightening hair when using straighteners, when hair is damp brush with a tangle teezer, dry as normal and then straighten.. this will reduce the time you need to use your straighteners.

14. Blend a highlighting shade beneath your Brow to cover up stray hairs of brows that are losing there shape.

15. Use hairspray to tame stray eyebrows.

And my final tip is use Coconut Oil!!!!!!!

Happy Beauty hacking
Jue X

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