April 15, 2017

By Jue Douglas

This morning I took a little trip out to a small town in Cheshire. The town itself isn't very big but does have a Superdrug and Poundland. ( so that's me in my happy place again).

As it's a bank holiday weekend what could be better than doing a little bit of shopping. You guys know I love a bargain and having overspent on Easter Eggs for loved ones I didn't want to spend much on myself but that never stops me.
The first shop I popped into was Superdrug. I knew what I wanted to try so headed to the L'Oréal stand to get one of those new brow products that remind me of the benefit one and like the Primark one that I already use. The Superdrug shop had recently had a makeup refit and I was drawn to the new shiny Barry M stand and Makeup Revolution. Also the make up was on 3 for 2 and a free shopping bag so it would have been rude not to take advantage.. so I bought..
Barry M Matte lipstick shade 181 Celebrity skin £4.99
Revolution Iconic  Matte nude lipstick shade Expose £3
L'Oréal Brow Artist Xpert Mechanical Brow Pencil shade 105 Brunette..
The Revolution lipstick packaging is beautiful and rose gold and would look great in any handbag and if I have to admit I don't really need any more Matte nude lipsticks I just loved the bullet style rose gold packaging and find it very similar to a Mac lipstick in size and shape. I'm unsure about the formula yet, but I will let you know what I think of all the products in a later review post.
I have been wanting to try the Barry M Matte lipsticks for a while so I picked that one up as well. It's a very similar shade that I have about 10 of already but I needed another one.. right????

I do love a good Poundland and find that even though something's in there you can get cheaper than a £1 in other shops I did find a couple of products that I can't wait to try. 
You may remember I was using a Kappa fragrance a couple of weeks ago and liked it. Well I found the pink version in Poundland for £1. I didn't know what it smelt like but liking the other one I thought it was worth a try and I'm happy to report it's really nice and even though I'm not a fan of the brand Kappa the fragrances are very nice.
I also bought an Argan Oil leave in conditioner as my hair is a little bit frazzled at the moment and it needs a little something extra at the moment. I will let you know about this when I've tried it and hopefully all today's products might be in a April favourites, but we will see.
I did buy other things but nothing interesting. If you go shopping please leave in the comments when you get.

Happy Shopping 
Jue X


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