April 16, 2017

By Jue Douglas

I love a good Matte lip product and when I saw this while I was on a little shopping trip I just had to try it and thought I would let you know what I think. So sit back grab a Jaffa cake and read on...

With a good choice of shades I went for the shade 181 Celebrity skin. The colour is a browny nude which I do tend to own lots of lipsticks from different brands, some are better than others in similar shades.
The price isn't to bad as well. At £4.99 and on a 3 for 2 it seems quite reasonable in my eyes.
The packaging is basic but in a classy way, but didn't feel cheap and the lipstick bullet is small but still that doesn't effect the amount of product inside and would fit into a handbag nicely.

The shade is perfect and just my cup of tea it went on smoothly and felt comfortable on the lips, I have had nicer feeling lip products (I'm thinking Rimmel the only 1 Matte lipstick here) and didn't dry out like many of my liquid lip products I have and have fallen out of love with hence why I didn't fancy trying the lip paint from Barry M. In fact I don't think it ever truly set at all and when I did the swatch on my hand it was very easy to wipe off (a little too easily for my liking).
I applied the lipstick at 7 o'clock in the morning and by 10 o'clock after 2 cups of tea it did need to be reapplied. The colour had worn well but I'm not sure it would have lasted till dinner and I did have to wipe the excess off before I reapplied it which is something I never have to do with my everyday lipstick like Rimmel and Primark ones that I like to use on a day to day basis.
In the afternoon I only had the one cup of tea and it did wear better. So I would say it does have the ability to be a long lasting Matte lipstick if you don't want a drink which is not practical at all for the £4.99 price tag. It's such a shame because I love the shade and the fact it's not as long lasting as I would have liked won't put me off using it, I will just make sure I can keep topping it up or trying abit of pressed powder over the top to set it.
On the whole I do love Barry M as a make up brand and it hasn't put me off buying another Matte lipstick from the range in fact I love the shade 182 which is a very similar shade and hope it does have a longer lasting ability than the shade 181.
Hope this review helps and if you buy it now its on 3 for 2 so it will work out even better value for you
Happy lipstick shopping
Jue X

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