April 11, 2017

I am a great fan of the supermarket Aldi and know its not to everyone's taste but when I discovered they did award winning beauty products I was very keen to try them.

By Jue Douglas

The Lacura face care is Aldi's skin care range. They have lots of different skin care products to try and really you could get spoilt for choice. With my problem areas being around my eyes that's what drew me to the Expert Double Effect Eye Gel which has many promises but could it really live up to such high standards of the claims or is the £3.99 price tag a more fitting price for the product..i wanted and needed to find out.
First of all lets look at the packaging. It has the look of a much higher priced cream and you would be forgiven to think it had the look of Garnier about it.

Secondly let's look at the promises and yes there are many.. they include...
Wrinkles reduced by up to 37%
Skin elasticity improved by up to 21%
Skin firming by up to 33% 
And all this is meant to happen in 4 weeks!!!!!! For £3.99
The ingredients include Kudzu extract, Mimox, Caffine and Horse Chestnut. (I haven't heard of half of these either but they sound good).
Let's run though what the packet says "with time skin loses its elasticity and radiance (yes its for me). It becomes drier, wrinkles appear and leaves the eye area looking tired.( its as if it knows me.) 
Now let's see how it works, the caffeine and horse chestnut and kudzu is meant to refresh the tired sensitive eye area. Counteracts the swelling with eyebright alfalfa extracts(????)
It reduces fine lines and wrinkles with peptide complex and moistures the skin.
With all these promises I loved the idea of this so over the last 4 weeks every morning and every night like it says on the box I have been using this in the hope I can look 10 years younger.

I am pleased to report that it's such good stuff infact percentages aside I have seen a slight improvement around the eye area. While it's still early days I'm going to carry on using this product and will keep you updated. Even though I have used it for 4 weeks I still have lots left as a little goes a long way. I am also going to buy the expert serum which is £3.99 as well and will let you know what I think. 

If this has made you think you really need this in your life head on down to Aldi. You will probably see me there. I will be the one buying more pots of cream to try and one of there marinated chicken salads as they are really quite nice.
let me know if you try it what you think...or if you have tried any other of the products in the range.
Happy Aldi Shopping
Jue X

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  1. Love Expert Double effect EyE Gel. Cannot see it on your website. Is this product still sold in your stores.