April 09, 2017

                                                                    By Jue Douglas

If you're like me and at the end of a busy week find yourself wanting or needing a little bit of a pamper a face mask can be just what you need.
I tend to do a mask once a week sometimes twice ( trust me I need it) and am always on the look out for new products. This week I was lucky enough to try the Garnier skin active moisture bomb tissue mask. I have tried and loved the original one before but this was promises"super hydrating" so I wanted to check out the difference.

Firstly let's all check out the beautiful packaging, it's pink and gorgeous so much nicer than the blue but it's what's inside that counts right??.
You can imagine my disappointment when I discovered the mask isn't pink( please tell me I'm not alone in wanting a pink mask) it's white but that aside on with the mask.
Secondly it's more expensive than the original.. at £2.99 (on offer at £1.50) it's a little pricey for a mask if you were to pay full price compared to the original which is £1.49 anyway.

I don't have sensitive skin or dry skin even though now I'm getting older areas tend to be dry so I probably wouldn't have picked this up normally I would have gone for the one that suited my skin type but it's a pink packet such a better colour than the original.

The mask itself feels exactly the same as the original blue one and once it's on your would be forgiven if you couldn't tell the difference.
After the 15 mins I peeled it off and got the same effect as the original and my skin felt lovely and my fine lines had disappeared for a time. ( sadly they are back by the next day).
I was worried with it being a mask for dry skin it would cause a break out but it didn't and I felt the same benefits as the original.
I would definitely buy the original in future but I would probably buy this if my skin was dry and needed something extra.
Please leave a comment if you have tried it and let me know what you think.
Happy shopping
Jue X

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