April 02, 2017

By Jue Douglas 

I love a Primark shop and like a little wander round most weeks. I never spend too much money but never come out of the shop empty handed and today was no exception.
I want to share with you what made my little heart happy this week and what ended up in my basket. I actually saw the shoes last week but I bought the black ones for work and didn't want to buy these Grey ones just in case they weren't comfy. Well the good news is they were so I got them in this colour as well. I love the brogue trend that is around at the moment and at only £8 they are such a good price. They did have a dusky pink pair as well but I can't have too many pairs can I?????

I also bought another one of those little perfumes like I. This time I had the fragrance papaya kiss which smells amazing and well worth £2.

Not wanting to spend much on clothes as I'm trying to lose weight, that didn't stop me as I did buy a stripy t shirt as you can't have to many and at £4 I thought it was a little bit of a bargain. The last thing I picked up was the coral "weekend vibes" sweatshirt that I have seen lots of bloggers blog about but sadly I picked up the wrong size so I can't wear it but it's ok as I will have to return it but it was only £5 if you wanted one. 
This weekend I have started using my little Embroidered bag that I bought last week so I'm going to do an updated "what's in my bag soon" as I am totally in love with it.
Happy shopping
Love Jue X

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