April 06, 2017

By Jue Douglas

Well by now you all know I love a Primark shop and within the last year or so I have been trying there beauty range. The Ps range is Primark has been getting lots of good reviews so I thought I would give it a go as I love a good make up bargain.

I have been using the lip products, eyeliner and brow products for a couple of months now and have fallen in love with them so when I saw the mascaras I thought they definitely worth a try.
First of all look at the packaging it's amazing if not abit shiny to take pictures of  its beautiful and where I wouldn't buy a product just because I liked the packaging ( I so would!!) it's a great selling pull.
The first one I picked up was the false lash effect mascara. It was more expensive than the others but at £2.50 it's not going to break the bank.

I picked this one up first as I loved the big brush and it reminded me of a Max Factor mascara I used to use. I tend to like a proper brush on my mascaras not a plastic one if that makes sense but saying that I have tried and loved plastic brushes as well ( I'm thinking maybelline here).
The brush worked well and after 2 coats it gave a perfect effect and I was very happy with and after 3 coats it did look like I had false lashes on which is abit to much for me but would be great if you like that effect.
Because of the price I have to admit I first wore it on a day when I wasn't leaving the house as I was worried it would smudge everywhere and didn't want to look a smudgey mess at work.
By dinner time it was still holding strong and so too by teatime so that's not a worry at all.
Because of my love for this one it made me want to give the others a try.. so when I went Primark again I picked up some more..

The next one I tried was the Lash Contour. this promised curl, lengthening and volume and is cheaper than the previous one at £2.. I must admit the pink packaging of this is amazing. The brush is made of plastic unlike the first one but I found the formula to be actually the same as the first one. and lasted all day.

I wanted to see if the other two that I bought were the same formula but different brushes.
The last two I tried were the Eyeconic which promised intense black, lengthening and full volume and the Amplif-eyed which promised definition, volume and lift. Both were £2 each so cheaper than the false lash mascara. Except for the brushes I found that they were both the same products just in different packaging and found both did the same job to my eyelashes.
Out of all four of the mascaras I would re purchase the false lash effect mascara over the other three even though it was 50p more in price.
The brush and effect was so much better even though the other three were very good products also and all four lasted the full day with no smudges. Team it with the primark ps eyeliner and you wont be disappointed in this budget make up look.
Hope this helps you if you are tempted to try the range and are unsure if to take the plunge.
Happy Shopping
Jue X

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