April 19, 2017

By Jue Douglas

I definitely have a type and have far to many of the same colour... I'm talking Matte Lipsticks here.. I love a nude Matte lipstick and have lots of the same shade. I have some good ones that last for ages and some not so good so I thought I would tell you some of my favourites and some that don't last that long and aren't worth the money.

My favourite one by far which I love the shade and the lasting time are the Rimmel The Only 1 Matte Lipstick in the shade 700 Trendsetter and the Primark Ps Matte in the shade Naked.
I have spoken about these before and the Rimmel one is slightly more expensive at £6.99 where as the Primark one is £1.49. They are still good value and last a full morning no matter how many drinks you have. They both wear really well and feel comfortable on the lips.

The most disappointing Matte lipstick I have in the collection is the L'Oréal Color Riche Matte in the shade 633 Moka Chic. While I love the packaging I don't love the product inside its creamy to apply but I can't get it to set like a Matte lipstick and even thought I had picked up the wrong product when I first tried it. It's not very long lasting either for the money I would expect more.
One I am really impressed with is the Essense Matt Matt Matt lipstick in the shade 01. I have used lipsticks from this brand and have never been overly impressed until this product it's so long lasting and I love the creamy finish to this yet it's still Matte. I'm definitely going to pick up more when I'm passing as there were more shades I loved and at £2.30 it's a total steal.

From left 
Essense Matt Matt Matt shade 01 £2.30
Primark Ps Matte (no shade) £2
Primark Ps Matte Long Last Lipstick shade Naked £1.50
MUA Matte shade Fawn Fancy £1

To right
Barry M Matte shade 181 £4.99
Maybelline Color sensational Matte shade 930 nude Embrace £6.99
Rimmel The only 1 Matte lipstick shade 700 Trendsetter £6.99
L'Oréal Color Riche Matte shade 633 Moka Chic £6.99.

Best value Price has to be the MUA or the Primark ones. The MUA lipsticks are a great long lasting lip product which is ideal to try a new colour you are unsure of without spending a lot on if you get home and think maybe it's not for you.

Worst value definitely the L'Oréal which I'm disappointed in when I love most of there other ranges of products especially the Brow products that I'm loving at the moment.
Also the Maybelline love the formula but it doesn't last very long.

Product I'm growing to love is definitely the Barry M. Those of you who read my review earlier in the week will know I wasn't a fan of the formula but as I'm using the his product I am growing to love it and definitely would repurchase so maybe I was a little hasty.

Please comment below if you think I would love a brand I haven't tried as I would love to try a new Matte product because I don't think I have enough.
All your feedback and lovely comments are of course always welcome.
Happy Matte Lip Shopping
Jue X

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