April 18, 2017

Brow Artist Xpert
By Jue Douglas 

Today I was lucky enough to try the new L'Oréal Brow Artist Xpert mechanical pencil. At £6.99 it's more expensive than the one from Primark at £2.50 which I have been using for a while now.
I'm a big fan of these types of pencils for brows and find them excellent for my very sparse eyebrow. ( I have said before in a previous blog I overplucked in the 1990s).
I wasn't sure what colour to try so ended up trying two. One is Brunette and the other in dark blonde. I can usually get away with either shade as my hair is dark but naturally I'm quite light so it's usually my personal choice. In this case I found the dark blonde more to my taste as the brunette was a little bit harsh.
The format of a mechanical pencil has been around for a while and this one is very simular to the benefit one in the shape of the pencil tip itself.
The colour itself went on very well and didn't transfer or wipe off like some eye products I have used in the past.
It's also very easy to use and if I'm honest it was easier to use than the Primark one and lass waxy.
My eyebrows seemed to look more natural and less drawn on. I can't compare it to the benefit one as I haven't used it but would love to hear in the comments what people think if you have used it and think it's worth the hype.
All in all I think it's perfect to try if you haven't much in the way of eyebrows and want a more natural less drawn on look and I will definitely repurchase again.
Happy eyebrow shopping
Jue X

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