April 29, 2017

By Jue Douglas 

 Well it's official I can't go anywhere without buying makeup(especially foundation)  and my local B & M is no exception. So when I popped into there to look for garden furniture (that's another story) I came away with a few little things from the makeup aisle and nothing from the garden furniture aisle.
I love buying Makeup from B&M just because it's cheap and if I use it anyway and it's cheaper it's always a plus.
Let me show you a few little bits they have in there store at the moment.....

I have used the L'Oréal infallible 24 hour Matte foundation before and have liked it so when I saw this for £4.99 I thought I would pop one in my trolley. (Note to self.. stop buying foundation) The shade is 10 Porcelain which is a little light for me but would be great if mixed with a darker shade I already own. They did have other shades mostly darker but it's worth having a look.

I have never used the brand W7 before but have seen it in B&M a few times  but never bought anything until now. It was the Matte liquid lipstick named "mega Matte lips" that got my attention as I do love a Matte lipstick. I picked up the shade two bob and it's a lovely neutral nude shade. I had never seen these in there before and they do have other shades but this must be a popular shade as I picked up the last one. I have tried this and it's a perfect shade for me, it doesn't truly set and is very comfortable on the lips. I will let you know if it survives the several cups of tea test in a later post.
I also picked up a blusher from the W7 range. I loved the packaging of this and it reminds me of the bourjois little blusher they do but this pan is a little bit bigger. At £1.49 it's a lovely pretty springtime shade and is very pigmented. I would definitely buy another one in another shade because they are such good value and give you a great bit of colour.

I do love a green nail varnish and this one promises to be a Gel.. I've never got on board with the whole shop bought gel nail varnish thing, but my nails are to short to bother really and at £1.49 for the shade and the top coat I thought it was worth a try even if it wasn't Gel.

Well my favourite item of the whole shop has to be the Kate Moss Iilabelle perfume. ( you know I love a cheap perfume) . I used this years ago and thought it had stopped being made so when I saw a 50ml bottle for £6.99 I had to pick it up as I knew I loved it. I must admit I am abit of a Kate Moss fan, I think she looks great and flies the flag for 40 something's and I totally love the fact she named her fragrance after her daughter. But the perfume is really nice as well. It's not a long lasting fragrance on me as I would have liked (it's a EDP) and I think I would need to carry around the bottle to top up during the day, but look at the bottle it's beautiful and retro and would look lovely in any handbag.
If you haven't been to your local B&M in a while it's definitely worth a look. I've got to return but I promise I won't buy anymore foundation.
Happy Shopping
Jue X

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