April 28, 2017

By Jue Douglas

Well it's been weeks, there I was saying "oh I go to Primarks every week"and I just haven't got round to going until today.. My nearest store is in Stoke so I took a little journey there this morning and had a little splurge. My whole shop didn't come to much but I still came away with a big bag full.
Let me show you what a 30 something buys from Primark.

I'm going on my holidays soon,hopefully to better weather so I picked up a couple of pairs of shorts for my little trip. I did write a little blog post earlier this year asking if it was ok for me (a 30 something) to wear shorts and yes it is so I bought two pairs. At £5 each I thought they were quite reasonable, except they don't fit, so I will have to return them soon.
The vests Primark have in this year are brilliant and they are only £2.50 each.( I'm sure they were more last year)  I bought 3 and my favourite one is the middle grey one with cute little summer drinks on it. They are definitely worth a look if you need some holiday shopping. I'm happy to say they fit and are already in my suitcase.

Something I bought not for my holidays were these shoes at £6. They are like Vans except for the logo and I just thought they would be a nice summer run around shoe and would be comfy. I do love Primark for shoes and I find the canvas shoes like these and the ones like Converse do last as long as the original label and well worth buying if you find your spending way to much on casual footwear.

A Primark shop wouldn't be a Primark shop without a few makeup bits (something's never change) so I've bought my favourite liquid eyeliner £1 because I had run out and a Naked Matte lipstick £1.50 ( I have about 7 of these but I'm scared they might stop selling them) I always seem to pick these two up when I'm in a Primark. Other things I tend to be drawn to are the furry pom-poms and I just loved the shade of purple of this one. It was £3 which is madness for a pompom when I have about ten in a draw but you can't have too many (please tell me I'm not the only one here). 
I also bought a pair of sunglasses because you know I only have about 10 pairs so one more won't hurt. These ones were just a £1 so it's  all good and they have a look of Rayban about them as well. I also bought one of those little bottle sets for traveling as I thought at £1 for the set it might be useful later on in the year.
Last but not least my last two items.. I love a good rock/band tshirt so when I saw this tshirt that says Rebellious on the front I had to buy it and it was only £2.50. Anyone who knows me knows that I'm not Rebellious in any which way shape or form. I think that's why I loved it for the irony. The pink top underneath was the bargain of the day and I'm going to do a post about it as I love it that much. It was £3. On the picture it looks all pink and boring but it's got puffy sleeves, and is beautiful. It was reduced from £8 which would have been a good price even if it wasn't reduced.
If you get to Primarks please leave in the comments what you have bought because I would love to know and hopefully it won't be as long to wait till I go back again for another haul.
Happy Primark Shopping
Jue X

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