May 03, 2017

By Jue Douglas
It's not just for babies.

Its been around for years and it's a little beauty secret but not everyone knows the benefits and uses for Sudocrem
I first discovered the cream when my children were little and found it excellent for babies bottoms but since then I have discovered lots of uses for the cream that are really good little tricks and beauty hacks that even if you don't have any babies it's always useful to have a tube in the house.
Sudocream comes in the traditional tubs but recently they do a smaller tube which I find is a more convenient, handy way to use the product. At £1.49 for the tube (more for the tubs) it's a bargain price so well worth giving a try.
The cream is probably best used overnight as it's quite a thick cream and not easy to be absorbed into the skin. 
Here are some uses for the cream that doesn't involve a babies bottom.
1. Sunburn.. is great to use as an aftersun if you have burnt yourself in the sunshine.
2. Lip balm.. use as an overnight lip treatment on dry lips.
3. Cracked heels... use overnight with a pair of socks to protect your bed covers.
4. Pet wounds.. use on your pet if they have a wound and it will heal quicker.
5. Spots... help heal spots quicker overnight. 
6. Plucking redness.. calm the redness when hair removal by applying the cream.
7. Hair dye barrier around your ears so you don't get dye on your skin. 
8. Use on eczema to help it heal quicker.
9. Use as a face mask.. I have never tried this but it's meant to make your face feel really soft and smooth so definitely worth a try....right??
10. Mix a little with baby oil to make a lovely hand cream for an over night treatment. 

If you know any more little tricks that work for the cream that I haven't mentioned please let me know.
Happy Sudocrem shopping?????
Jue X 

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