May 05, 2017

By Jue Douglas

Well it's that time of the week again when I give my local Primark abit of a visit and this week is no exception. Along with a few things I had to return from last week, I thought I would show you what I bought and exchanged from Primark this week..
I'm going to start off with the makeup as this is my favourite department.. I always have to pick up a few beauty bits because you guys know I do love the makeup from the PS range. It goes without saying I picked up one of my favourite lipsticks ever it's the Matte lipstick in the shade Naked. I can't say enough how good these lipsticks are they last though several cups of tea (an important factor when choosing a lipstick)  and are so comfortable to wear. The plus side is that it's only £1.50 and definitely worth a try. I really wanted to try something new from the range so I picked up one of the PS bronzing highlighter sticks. I had seen these before and thought they looked interesting so I thought I would give it a go. I'm not the greatest at the high lightening or bronzing and would rather not bother than look a mess but a bronzing stick seems to be foolproof  and at £1.50 if I don't like it, I've haven't spent that much.
When in Primark I always have to buy some Nail Varnish and the range in there today was excellent. At 90p I picked up this beautiful white colour. I already had a white in my collection but I've been using it as liquid paper (please tell me I'm not the only one here) so I thought I would pick up another. I love the look of white nails especially when you have a tan, which I don't have but I still bought it anyway. The last beauty item I bought was some sponges. I have been using the Real Techniques ones but my cats love them and pinched my last one (long story) so I thought I would give these a try. I know people have said they are not all that great but I wanted to make up my own mind at £1.50 if I don't like them I won't have lost too much and if my cats get hold of them I won't be so gutted.
Other bits I picked up, other than clothes were a pair of sunglasses, these were £2 and I love the cuteness of them and a marble notebook for £2.50. I wouldn't normally spend that much on a notebook but it has a Rose Gold spiral so what's not to love.

Another department I went abit crazy in was the footwear..(3 pairs is me going crazy). I love Primark shoes. They are such good value for money and you know they won't last forever but it's ok because they are so reasonable.
Those of you who remember last week will know I picked up some pumps similar to Vans, well this week I picked up some more pumps similar to Converse. These are £6 and if you aren't bothered about the converse label they do last just as long as the £45 originals. I have had these before and have worn them out, they didn't have any in my size last week so when I saw them I had to buy them.
Also from the show department I picked up a pair of black basic flip flops for 90p, these are for just walking around the house in so didn't have to be fancy and the black Flat Shoes I picked up were for work, they were £4 and nothing fancy but are extremely comfortable.

I didn't really buy much in the way of clothes because I'm trying to loose weight before my holidays but I did exchange the demin shorts I bought last week for a different size. These are the basic demin ones and they didn't have many sizes left but at £5 I can see why because they are such a good buy. The other Shorts seemed to be priced at £12 which is a little steep but they did have a beautiful pair of high waisted Embroidered ones which I might go back for just because I do love abit of embroidery.
I am loving the £2.50 summer vests they have in at the moment (again not many sizes) and I picked up this little grey one it's says "the heartbreakers" on and I do like a band tee and I thought would look fab with the shorts. Definitely a holiday outfit as I know I wouldn't have the confidence to wear the shorts around my local town.
I am going back again sometime this weekend with my daughter so if you're interested what a 13 year old buys from Primark, please leave a comment.
Happy Primark Shopping 
Jue X

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