May 10, 2017

By Jue Douglas

It was in my local Wilkinson that I first discovered the Essence range, I'm going to say two years ago (don't quote me here) and after major excitement of wanting to try everything I tend to stick to the same products that I know are complete winnners. (I'm thinking the nail varnish here, they are brilliant and definitely one not to be missed whatever your budget, I've used dearer ones and some are definitely worse)
Recently though they have changed the stand for some new arrivals. Now I love it when this happens. So you can only imagine my excitement when I discovered one of the new arrivals was a Mascara.
Now you guys know how I love my mascara, Especially a cheap one. If I could only use one makeup item it would be mascara. I tend to stick to cheap ones because I use them everyday and they don't last me very long. So when I saw the new Volume Stylist Mascara it looked like one I should try.

Firstly the cost.. it was £3 now this is probably one of there dearest they do so I'm expecting miracles here as they normally cost £2.80 and that's for the dearest one. 
Secondly the packaging, which I love and I do think the range know how to package there products.
I love the fact it's very young looking but not cheap and think it would appeal to younger people who want to try makeup for the first time and not spend a fortune. Even though many teenagers like brands such as Mac etc, many as young as twelve. I love the fact that there are brands out there that keep it real for those of us who don't have tons money to spend on makeup that just ends up washed away at the end of the day. Anyway back to the Mascara and the packaging. The packaging is very chunky and not in the least flimsy which I do like. I also am liking the fact it's purple which isn't something that makes me buy a product but it's always a plus. The lid at first glance looks like it's made of rubber like the Rollerlash by benefit but it's not it's plastic. The wand inside is thinner than I had imagined it was going to be and made of plastic. Overall very good first impressions of the product.
All very impressive with its claims of lengthening fibers for fuller and longer lashes and 18 hour hold  ( not that I need it on for 18 hours ) but like I say all very impressive

I usually try new products when I'm going to work. It works very well for lipsticks and foundations but I must admit I'm nervous about Mascara. ( what if it smudges and I look like I've been crying for weeks) But anyway I still went ahead trying it.
I was surprised at how well it went on and I'm totally in love with the brush. The brush claimed to be a fiber releasing extension brush, I didn't notice it made my lashes any longer but after a couple of coats they definitely looked thicker and I was very happy with the result.
As the day went on and me being paranoid about ending up looking like Alice Cooper I did keep checking the mirror ( I'm never doing a mascara test at work again) but I shouldn't have worried because it didn't run at all and came off easily at the end of the day with my make up remover. ( it was on for about 12 hours).
All in all very impressed with such a budget make up item and definitely worth a try.
 I will definitely repurchase or try more in the essence range.
Hope you find this helpful and if you have used this or any other Mascara from the range please let me know as I would love to know what you think .
Jue X

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