May 14, 2017

By Jue Douglas

I do enjoy a bargain when it comes to make up so when I discovered they sell Makeup for a £1 in Poundland you can imagine my over excitement. I couldn't leave the shop without buying a few things. I would have liked to buy more things but didn't want to overspend just in case I didn't like it.

Firstly let's look at the packaging. It quite impressive for a product that costs £1 and looks like it could have been from a more costly brand. Especially the eyeshadow stick which reminds me of the Clinique chubby stick which I have tried and wasn't that impressed with so will this be better? (To be honest it can't be much worse because that one was really shocking for a luxury beauty product).......
The products I decided to try were the pressed powder, Eyeshadow stick, A nail varnish and a beauty sponge. The choice of colours were very good for a cheaper brand. I was especially impressed with pressed powder. There were four shades to choose from and I chose  honey beige which I think might be a little bit too dark for me but bought it with summer in mind. The Pan didn't have a mirror or a little sponge/puff but for £1 it doesn't really matter.
There was plenty of choice with the nail varnish as well but I thought a nice orange colour would be very summery.
The last thing I picked up was a beauty sponge. Very similar to a real technique in shape, but not in colour and has a flat edge which I do love in a beauty sponge and I needed a new one anyway so if I love it, it's money well spent.


The first item I tried was the sponge which I used it put on my foundation this morning. I always dampen it before use and my real techniques one does tend to soak up some of the water and get larger. This one didn't and didn't really soak in any of the water. My foundation did look nice with it though but I don't think i would buy it instead of the real technique one as if you get the RT one on offer they are usually about £4.49 anyway so not much of a saving.
Next I tried the eyeshadow stick and am happy to report it's better than the chubby slick by Clinique. I loved the shade and even though it didn't glide on as well as I would of hoped for it did last most of the day so for £1 I think it's well worth a try.
Next was the Powder now aside from the fact I bought a shade a little bit too dark I did like the look of the powder and it did set my foundation beautifully. ( I used the Maybelline fit me foundation) it did need a little top up as the day went on but well worth £1 and I may even go back and buy it in a lighter shade.
Last but not least the nail varnish. I picked a summery colour and it needed two coats to cover. It wasn't fast drying but looked nice when dried. I decided to do a third coat but even though it was worth a £1. I still prefer the ones from Essence as these are only £1.80, so not much more.
All in all I think the range is amazing for £1 and I'm going to go back to try other things. I would be nervous trying the foundation but for a £1 it might be worth a go.
If you have tried and loved the range or tried and hated the range, let me know as I would love to hear what you guys think.
Happy £1 Shopping
Jue X

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