May 15, 2017

By Jue Douglas

After restarting my blog earlier this year (my previous one needed a revamp) one of my most popular posts was my body mist one. While some of my favourites have stayed the same I thought I would share with you my new lighter favourite fragrances for the forthcoming summer months.
I have always preferred to use a body mist in summer as I think it's better to wear lighter fragrances that are not too over powering or over priced and can be worn all over the body.
So I thought I would show you some of my favourites..

My favourite one is definitely the Hawaiian Tropic Golden Paradise at  £10 it's the dearest as well but I tend to get plenty of compliments when I'm wearing this ( it's the only body spray I have ever got compilments on) and I've bought a bottle to go on my holidays with. With its smell of coconut and golden sand, I duped this as holiday in a bottle. It's such a lovely smell but probably not for people who don't like coconuts or people who have had bad experiences with the drink Malibu, as it smells very similar to it.
I love the Jack Wills body spray collection that boots did at Christmas and still have Hope Cove left. It's my very favourite out of the gift set of three and am making it last (probably till this Christmas) as I'm not sure where it can be repurchased.
I have talked about the Zoella Beauty range before and love her body mists. I think they are a little expensive £8, but I love the Let's spritz fragrance from the tutti fruiti range and is definitely the best for summer. I really wish she would bring out this in a plastic bottle as it would be easier to carry around but still it's a lovely summer fragrance and I would definitely repurchase.
I bought the I love Strawberries and Cream body spray when it was on offer in Superdrug. It was only something like 49p so I bought two. It's an ideal summer fragrance but it was the price that sold it to me really if I'm honest.
I love the body mists from the layering lab from Superdrug again. These cost £2.99 and the idea is the mix two together to create your own unique scent.  I don't tend to do this and just stick to the one fragrance. Don't get me wrong I love the ideal of creating your own scent but tend to carry around a body mist in my bag and would only want to carry one around. The Oriental fragrance I have is perfect for summer as it's really light to wear.
You can't go wrong with abit of soap and glory and there body mists are excellent at £3.99. My favourite one is the original pink and completely love everything about this. I love the quirky packaging and the fact it's pink. I do generally love soap and glory products even though I haven't tried much of there makeup range except the odd lipgloss and mascara samples. But there bath range is definitely my favourite go to bath products.
I didn't want to not mention the new body mists from So...? The one I picked up was the iced melon fragrance. This smells so nice and is perfect for summer. I love the fact these are on offer at the moment at £1.99. I'm not sure if I would pay full price for them but at the offer price I would buy one of each.
My last body spray is an oldie but goodie. It's Impulse. I used to wear these at school and we thought we were so cool with a bottle of impulse in our bags (how times have changed) . They are still the perfect handbag fragrance and I love to throw one in my bag or if I'm out and I've forgotten to pop anything in my bag they are so cheap to pick up if they are on offer. I find the True love scent is the longer lasting one for me but many people say it's the Musk one for them but for me it's definitely true love.
If you have tried any of these or you have a favourite of your own. Leave me a comment below as I would love to hear from you and remember to follow me on social media and I will follow back.
Happy Shopping
Jue X

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