May 30, 2017

By Jue Douglas

Well we all know that I love a good monthly favourites post and in the middle of the month I did do a cheeky little  "currently loving" post ( I just got too impatient too wait till the end of the month) so I won't repeat myself as I do still love the items I told you about. But there are plenty more things that I love so grab a cuppa and on with the post...
This month my skin seems to have been rather dry. Whether it's the sunny weather drying my skin out or just because I'm getting older. (Getting older is so unfair) It's something I've never had to deal with before as my skin type has usually been on the oily side. I have especially been noticing my hands have felt super dry and  need something just to make them feel nice. The ZOELLA HUNGRY HANDS is perfect for making your hands feel so soft and the ginger smell is amazing. Sadly this was around at Christmas, ( as the Christmas Zoella fragrance) but if you can still get hold of a tube online it's definitely worth a try. The body lotion (ginger cream)  feels really nice as well and there are plenty of Zoella products that don't smell of ginger (if you dislike the ginger smell) available that are pretty amazing as well. But for me it's the Ginger smell that totally does it. 
My dry skin on my face needed some TLC this month so I have used the GARNIER SKIN ACTIVE MOISTURE BOMB TISSUE MASK. The one I picked up contains chamomile extract with hyaluronic acid especially for dry and sensitive skin. At £2.99 they are pretty amazing, whichever one out of the 3 in the range you pick up after 15 mins your skin will feel amazing.

Makeup wise I have been enjoying the new range of ELF products that are now available in Superdrug. I bought a few items but my favourite item by far is the Matte lip pen in the shade Praline. These are amazing and very long lasting. At £5 they are really Purse friendly and the packaging reminds me of a much higher priced luxury product ( I'm thinking Nars here).
The compact I'm currently loving is my cute TONY MOLY CATS WINK pressed powder. I have to admit it's definitely the packaging that has me here. The compact fits very nicely into my handbag and I am completely in love with it.
As the weather in the U.K has been pretty impressive this month I've been loving my Hawaiian Tropic body mist. The one I love is the TROPICAL OASIS, which has tones of Island coconut and Raspberry Sorbet. The whole range is perfect for summer as they are lightweight and very fruity. I have done a blog post on this because I love it so much so won't repeat myself. 
 The second fragrance I totally love is the PRIMARK WHITE TEA EDP fragrance. These are £2 for 20ml and are perfect for handbags. I did buy the Peach Tea one as well but the White Tea one is better by far.
If you have tried any of these products please let me know what you think and let me know if you love them as much as me.
Happy Shopping
Jue X

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