June 01, 2017

By Jue Douglas

Since the re launch of my blog I have to admit I don't take anything for granted. I never want to ask for products to try so when something pops though my letter box however big or small I am completely grateful and it's completely a big deal.
 So when I received a little sample of the L'Oréal Hydra Genius Aloe Water i was so happy, grateful and a little bit excited to try it out.
The product boasts that it instantly refreshes, intensely locks in moisture and has a 72 hour recharge.
It also includes Pure Aloe Vera Sap and Hyaluronic acid.
Firstly let's look at the packaging. A bit hard to tell from the sample so after doing my research the bottle is pump action and retails at £9.99. The packaging is green which in my eyes is a complete winner as it makes the product look fresh and natural. The pump action makes it easier to use the right amount of product so no waste making the product last longer.
Now to the product itself. First thing you notice is how light it feels and it is watery in texture ( well it is Aloe Water so I don't know why I was expecting a cream) this makes it very easy to use and feels nice on the skin. I must admit I did think you would be able to smell a strong scent of Aloe Vera but you can't and it doesn't seem to have a strong scent which some people will love.
It soaks in very well and I agree with the claims that it doesn't overload your skin which is a good thing.
My makeup went on well afterwards, which I did have to admit I was worried about cause I do like a Matte Finish but it soaks in really well you can't even feel you have got it on. I found it mostly effected under my eyes making them look less puffy even though this isn't one of the claims.
The sample I have got is for Normal to Combination skin, which is my usual skin type ( I have said my skin seems to be drying out as I'm getting older so I'm pleased to know that they have made a version of this for dry skin.
The packaging claims it's for everyday use but also says it has 72 hour recharge which is good if you miss a day or to make the product last longer.
It also contains Hyaluronic acid which I do like in my skin care which is a natural product found in the skin.
Overall the product feels very nice to use and even though I don't think I would use it everyday morning and night because I like a moisturiser to be anti wrinkle as well. But saying this I would probably use it every other day because of the 72 hour claims and would probably still reap the benefits. Definitely one to try though especially if you use the L'Oréal clay masks as this goes hand in hand with those.
Please let me know if you have used this and what you think
Happy Skincare Shopping
Jue X

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