May 05, 2017

By Jue Douglas

Well you know what I'm like by now I just can't help myself, you know how I love abit of Cath. I was on Ebay the other night and I saw a lovely New Cath Kidston makeup bag. I thought it was worth a bid and yes I won. All £4.49 worth of loveliness. I love how EBay say you 'win' something and you then have to pay. Anyways it came and I have filled it with lovely goodies and it only just fastens (no big palettes) so I thought I would show you what fits just in case you wanted to buy one. 
The case like I've said is a Cath Kidston Cosmetic bag. The thing that drew me to it was the Floral design I just love the Floral designs from Cath the best.  It's very structured with a border and reminds me more of a purse except larger.
I had seen the style of the bag before in a Cath Kidston shop but with a different design and they do retail at £14. I could never justify spending that on a make up bag as I change them around to often but if you genuinely stick to the same one for a while it's well worth a purchase.


I would say it's more suitable for a handbag or to travel with as like I've said it's not a big case if you tend to carry around a lot of makeup. But I love the idea of not carrying around a lot of products and love the little pocket inside for brushes and pencils.

A smaller size of the cosmetic case is available, but I think that one would be a little bit to small for me but they are £10 if you travel light.
I am a big fan of Cath Kidston and find you can get some really good prices on EBay of her range if like me you love a bargain.
Happy EBay shopping,
Jue X

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