May 19, 2017

By Jue Douglas

I first discovered Primark 17 years ago on a shopping trip to Derby, and going to Derby once in a while was a real treat. So you can only imagine my glee when other branches kept popping up locally., making it easier to get to and I didn't have to keep going to Derby (even though I do love Derby but not the drive.) My greatest excitement has to be the new store opening in Llandudno. Now I don't live anywhere near Llandudno but always go there on little mini breaks so the excitement is still as real. So you can imagine my upset when I hear people saying"it's all rubbish" or "I wouldn't be seen dead in there" and my response is "you don't know what you're missing".
It really upsets me when it's from teenagers because they are still growing and many items only last a season anyway. With prices rising on the high street and the cost of living going up I am grateful to Primark and budget clothing stores in general for allowing me to treat myself on a budget and not feeling like I'm using any of the family's well earned money on the tat I pick up (even though I fund my shopping by selling on Ebay,) it's great to know I get a lot more shopping for my money.
On with what I bought on my little shopping trip this morning....

My favourite item on my whole shopping trip was these Embroidered shorts. They were £12 but the embroidery on these make them something special. I don't usually like high waisted shorts but these do hold everything in to the point I'm not sure I can breathe but I might loose abit more weight yet.
 Well I didn't need any more t shirts but it didn't stop me so I picked up these two American themed tops.(I've never even been to America) They were quite reasonable priced, the grey one was £2.50 and the white vest was £4. I thought they would both look great teamed with the shorts. I love the collection of vests they have in Primark at the moment, we just need some sunshine in England at the moment for me to wear my America themed t shirts.

I didnt really buy many clothes on this visit only the 3 bits but I did spend more on other things (tat I didn't really need but bought anyway)
The first thing I picked up was a little purse for £2. It's quite rubbery so would be brilliant for holidays (anywhere near water really) They had it in three colours, each with the little heart detail on  but I loved the grey one.
I picked up 2 little jewellery bits. A sterling silver ring for £4 and a pack of moonstone earrings, they are a pack of six and cost £2 because I needed some new earrings.
I also picked up a little candle in a jar.. at £1 I thought it looked really cute and has a vanilla scent which I love.
As I have said before I love Primark makeup so I picked up a few things on my visit. I picked up another Ps Amplif-eyed mascara. I have used this before and completely love it so I bought another and at £2 a complete makeup bargain infact any one of the Ps Mascaras are brilliant.
I also picked up another liquid eyeliner. These are one of the best liquid liners I tried and at £1 are totally worth a repurchase.
After completely loving the Ps nail polish I bought the other week I went back to buy another one.
I bought the shade sunset strip which is a bright orange shade and I think would look perfect with a tan or on holiday. These nail polishes are brilliant on my nails and only cost 90p with a very large choice of colours and well worth a try.
The last item I bought was one of the little fragrances Primark have had in the shops for a while now. At £2 they are perfect handbag size and I love it when I go in and they have some new ones in stock. Today I bought the scent White tea which is a fresh and Floral fragrance. They also had green tea and peach tea but the white tea  one was my favourite but if I get a chance I might go back for me.
If you have recently been to Primark please let me know what you have bought, leave me a comment below or follow me on my twitter @juelookblog and I will follow back.
Happy Primark Shopping
Jue X

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