May 20, 2017

By Jue Douglas

Well if Six months ago you would have told me I was going to write a review on a Brow product that wasn't a pencil I wouldn't have believed you. I have been using a pencil for years after me being stupid and over plucking, at the time I thought they looked ok and thin brows were in fashion. But they never really grew back and now need filling in on a daily basis.

After hearing amazing reviews about simular products from Benefit and Anastasia I was very keen to try a brow pomade, but of course didn't want to pay the heafty price tag so I thought that the NYX TAME AND FRAME TINTED BROW POMADE in the shade Brunette was definitely in my price range at £6 and worth a try. I had heard many people say this was simular to the Anastasia product and as I'm not going to be using it anytime soon I quickly ordered this online.
The pomade came to me in a little pot without a brush. I love the packaging from NYX and it always has the feel of a more expensive product.
Because like I said it doesn't come with a brush, I had to go out and buy one. The one I'm using is from Wilkinson. Now I know you wouldnt expect a brush from there to be any good but they really are very good and this one makes applying the pomade very easy. The brush is double ended and cost £3. I don't have any other brow brushes to compare it with but it does the job and I'm happy.
The Formula is very thick, saying this it's very creamy and easy to apply so it only took one stroke with the brush and a very steady hand to get the look below.
Now the product promises to be waterproof and I don't know what it would be like if you went swimming but it didn't run or fade all though the day and even survived a heavy rain shower ( I did have my umbrella up).
I removed the product at the end of the day with my usual make up remover with no problem at all.
All in all I'm very impressed as my brows certainly looked so much better and thicker with this product and I'm not keen to go back to a pencil or crayon any time soon as I'm totally converted to using a pomade now.

Sorry about my face and brow shape!
If you have used or are using any brow pomade, please let me know as I always love recommendations. 
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Happy pomade shopping 
Jue X

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