May 25, 2017

By Jue Douglas

Well it's all full on over excitement with me today when I have got hold of the Tony Moly.
 I love discovering new brands that I have never tried before so you can imagine my over excitement when this cute little compact came though my letterbox. ( insert little squeal here).
With a mixture of Cats and a pressed powder compact what's for me not to like.
Based in Korea and founded in 2006 Tony Moly by 2016 had 825 stores in 15 different countries so we are talking big here.
If like me you thought Tony Moly is someone's name ( I honestly did) think again it means "putting style into packaging" and it really does do that with the quirky packaging.
With Tony Moly being a South Korean brand I thought it would be difficult to get hold of in the UK but it's really not. You can pick up products from the range online at Selfridges and Cult Beauty, as well as Amazon and EBay.
The Powder I have received is the CATS WINK CLEAR PACT pressed powder in the shade clear skin. It  cost approximately £7.99 here in the Uk depending from where you buy it from, with different stockist costing different amounts but it's very easy to find online. There is a choice of two shades but with it being a translucent powder I don't think it's makes much of a difference. The other shade is 02 clear beige which has a slightly darker Pan colour.
With its boasts of the ingredients
Aloe Vera Extract - Soothes and provides intense moisture
Juniper Tree Sprout Extract - Immunity boosting and skin healing 
What's not to like....

Firstly let's look at the packaging..
Now this in my eyes is amazing, and completely sells the product ( I suppose if you don't like cats you might be put off) it's so cute and quirky and to be honest I would buy any makeup product (even if I didn't need it) if it was in cute kitty packaging.
Little puddy cats aside I love the fact it's a small compact and fits nicely into any handbag or purse.
I also love the little puff sponge it comes with and the mirror in the lid because yes these things are important to us girls. It's almost too cute that makes me not want to use it especially as the powder is embossed with a kitty theme so an all around winner in the packaging department.
Of course I have got to try it as I would be a fool not to. So with much hesitation (I really want to save this compact for ever) I used it over my usual foundation. ( I couldn't bring myself to use the cute sponge though I used one of my own) but you could easily use a powder brush as well.
The formula of the powder is very finely milled and goes on evenly and gives a matte even coverage.
The Powder itself isn't chalky or dusty and a little bit goes a long way, which is a good job because I don't want to waste such a cute little product. The Powder is very lightweight on the face but it very buildable if you want a more dense coverage, but it's purr....fect (see what I did there) for everyday use or a touch up because no one wants cakey powder.
With being so lightweight it does need a little touch up as the day goes on( like most powders) but it's such a cute little compact I love any excuse to grab it from my little handbag.
Overall a super cute product that is totally sold to me on packaging (more brands should sell there products with kitty packaging) and I will definitely be buying another in the not to distant future.
If you have tried this Powder please let me know what you think and if you know of any other super cute brands I might like to try let me know.
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Happy Shopping
Jue X

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