June 14, 2017

By Jue Douglas

I love this time of year. Holidays or mini breaks are being planned and the sun is shining (some of the time) and even if no holiday is planned just being in your garden or a sunny park for a picnic can make your little heart happy which I'm all for.
If you do have a getaway planned I thought I would show you some products that I have been loving that would be great on holiday, day trips or just anytime as we don't need an excuse to buy new things.
I'm not a fake tan fan, perhaps because I've never found one that I love or I'm not really bothered about skin colour. But I know many people do like to look bronzed before they go dare to strip off before heading to the beach. If you just want a bit of colour I find the GARNIER SUMMER BODY MOISTURISING LOTION very nice. It's got an apricot scent that smells very much like summer and lets you build up the colour. It's available in two shades depending on skin colour and if like me you have dry skin on your arms and legs it's perfect for that as well topping up your colour.

It will come as no surprise that I have included my favourite HAWAIIAN TROPIC GOLDEN PARADISE body mist on my little Getaway list. This to me is holiday in a bottle. These are £10 and are completely worth the money. When I am wearing this scent I get more compliments than a more expensive fragrance I own so definitely worth a try. If you are not a fan of a coconut fragrance there are plenty more fruity ones in the range worth a try.

If like me being a "hot mess" means you need to grab a can of deodorant,  I would completely recommend the DOVE ORIGINAL COMPRESSED deodorant. I'm not really a fan of the compressed cans and I normally have the larger ones on a day to day basis,but do find these are perfect for travel or to carry around in a handbag and will make you smell fresh all day. I like all the scents that the Dove range do and the original one is very clean and ideal for on the go.

All getaway bags need some nail varnish remover pads just in case and these are the SUPERDRUG  20 NOURISHING NAIL POLISH REMOVER PADS  they cost 75p and are acetone free . They are perfect for chipped nails when you just have to take off and start again or if you just can't bear the sight of your lovely red nails any longer and want blue instead. They are so handy and take up very little room in your handbag and the packaging is pink and compact.

Whether it's summer or winter I like to be hair free. When I'm traveling and hair removal is not always as convenient as I would like it to be I like to carry the BIC SOIEIL SCENT RAZORS around. These razors have to be the best disposable ones I've tried and give a perfect close to the skin finish. They come in two shades the SOIEIL and the SOIEIL Scent. I love the colour of the scent ones ( they are pink, where as the original ones are yellow) but not sure if they do actually give off a scent. I only tend to buy them when they are on offer for under £2. Well worth a try if you need a disposable razor and aren't sure which to get.

As well as pads for removing nail varnish it's also handy to carry around all over body wipes. The ones I have are the FESTIVAL ESSENTIALS FACE AND BODY WIPES. These are 39p for a pack of 20. These are designed for festivals (as the name suggests) but I think they would be good for holidays as well or for days out. They can be used on the body or the face so literally anywhere you want.

This is so important if you are going away or even in this country, if you are out in the sun for long periods of time. The one I have is PIZ BUIN ULTRA LIGHT I love the smell of this and love the fact in comes in a handy spray. I have a factor 15 which I would probably use in the UK. If I was using abroad I don't think I would go lower than a factor 30 as my skin does tend to burn before it goes brown.

Hope my little getaway guide is helpful to some of you and leave in the comments below your favourite Summer items.
Happy Summer
Jue X

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