June 16, 2017

By Jue Douglas

 Well this morning I took another little trip to my local Primark. I love going first thing in the morning just as the shop opens as it's always quiet and you can have a proper look around. 
I did buy a few little goodies so I thought it would be nice to show you everything I have been buying, none of which I really needed but bought anyway.

I didn't need a new makeup bag ( I have about 10 already) but when I saw this clear one with a little cactus on I just had to buy it. It's such a good size and was £3. I thought it was lovely for holidays and for summer in general. I love the fact you can see inside so you can grab whatever you want out of it with ease.

Well I definitely didn't need another pair of sunglasses but I actually went in for these. I love the shape of these and like the fact they remind me of a cat. They were £3 which is expensive for Primark sunglasses but I had to have them. ( they also had the same sunglasses with blue lenses that I might go back for). I love Primark for sunglasses they are so affordable and they do great designer inspired designs for anyone who doesn't really care about a label.

I also needed something for my hair, except for a miracle. I didn't really need to buy any more hair bobbles as I have plenty but that didn't stop me. As the weather gets hot (hopefully) I always tie it back so I bought some scrunchies and a cute little flower hair bobble. They were £1.50 each and thought they would be perfect to wear around your wrist as well.

Well I'm completely gutted about the next item. I had seen the new pink Primark Super Matte lipsticks on Instagram and thought I need one of those in my life. They are £2 and I was uber excited to find them in my local store. I popped one in my basket. I had visions of a blog post and was dreaming of what I would write, only to find the product has completely crushed in the packaging. The packaging is a little flimsy and the colour is a little bit too dark compared to the colour on the packaging. All in all a little bit of a disappointment and if you are thinking of buying one take a look first to make sure you buy one that's not broke and check the colour carefully.  I didn't really need any more Matte lip products anyway but it's a shame.

 I also picked up another Brow product. The one that I bought today my local Primark haven't had in stock for a while so was really pleased they had bought them back. They are the 3 in 1 Brow product and they are brilliant for £2. The shade I chose was light brown and even though I'm a brunette the dark brown shade is too dark for me.

If you follow me on Instagram @thejuelookblog you will have seen that I love the little fragrances from Primark that I always buy. It's the Mermaid Wishes fragrance and I completely bought this for the packaging. I have bought this perfume before and don't want to use it because I love the packaging so I thought I would buy one to actually use. I have plenty of these little fragrances and at £2 for 20ml I find them perfect for handbags.

My second to last item I bought was a pack of Primark stud earrings. These were £2 and you can never have too many. I chose some simple tiny silver coloured studs I thought they made a change from hoops. I love the simple stud packs that Primark do and they are so affordable and Primark on the whole is great for earrings and jewellery in general.

My last item is a furry pink heart Keyring. This is completely right up my street. At £2 I tend to have far to many key rings like this but one more won't hurt.

If like me you buy things in Primark you don't really need let me know that I'm not alone.
Happy Pointless Primark Shopping
Jue X

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