June 04, 2017

By Jue Douglas

Well you guys know I love a good budget makeup brand because I don't want to spend a fortune on something I'm just going to "wash off" at the end of the day.
So I'm always out to try something new. A couple of months ago I bought a few little beauty bits from Poundland to try.
I was very impressed with the bits I have previously bought so I wanted to try more.
I love a good Poundland shop. There is one approximately 25 minutes drive away that is massive. I'm talking warehouse size and this to me is Poundland heaven.
Trying the other bits made me intrigued what the foundation was like as I didn't manage to pick up one of my previous trip.
The foundation makes me slightly nervous as I do suffer with dodgy skin either it's too oily or too dry and products I use one day don't work for me a few months later.
Now I'm not going to let a little thing like my dodgy skin put me off so off I went with my little basket and bought some of the makeup gallery foundation.
Now I love the packaging of the makeup gallery range and think it looks so much more expensive than the £1 it costs. The stand was full with lots of choice and I was surprised at the choice of products including contour kits, highlighters and a brow kit ( which I did buy and am going to try on the same day so will tell you more about that below) 
The Foundation comes in a simple tube and I chose the shade Nude 3. The foundation itself is called "Gorgeous Flawless" it claims to give a flawless long lasting Matte Finish with vitamin E and UVA and UVB protection which sounds quite impressive for a product that costs £1.
The product feels nice on the skin when I did the swatch on my hand but it's on the face that matters right?
Now to the test and would it last all day?.. I usually like to try products on a day when I'm at work so I'm not tempted to retouch or mess with my face all day but sadly I'm not brave enough to do this which a foundation that costs a £1. So I did cheat and do it on a day off.
The first thing I noticed is that it blends really well (I used my fingers for this) I did find I had to use a lot of the product to get a full coverage that didn't matter as it's very buildable and the colour match was spot on.
Throughout the morning I was a little bit worried I looked a little yellow but no one else seemed to notice and it made me think that's what I always look like.
By dinner time I did have to touch up with my Rimmel Stay Matte because my nose had gone a little shinny but that's a usual factor for me. I didn't feel the foundation needed touching up at this point and I was slightly impressed that a foundation that costs £1 was lasting as much as a dearer budget brand.
As the afternoon went on the foundation did seem to wear off especially around the nose and forehead making me wish I had reapplied a little bit more in those areas at dinner time and the amount of pressed powder had made me look a little cakey.
Because of this I would definitely take the tube out with me if I was at work to reapply in my dinner hour if I was at work as it is very buildable and wouldn't have been a problem to touch up.
By the evening time I would have definitely had to reapply if I had been going on a night out as it was virtually all Powder by then. I don't think it looked silly but it definitely wasn't the gorgeous Flawless it had promised to be. I am still impressed with the foundation as a whole for £1 and it would be great to wear for a short time and perhaps for a different skin type as my t zone is quite oily at the moment. I didn't use a setting spray which I think would have helped and would be interested to see if that made a difference or if applying it with a brush or sponge might have helped it last longer.
Now about the eyebrow kit I bought. It's Called "all about the brows" and it must be new to the range as I've only have seen the pencils in the store before. Either it's new or I thought it was eyeshadow I'm not sure anyways...... This is amazing a definitely worth a £1. I used my Wilko Brow brush £4 to apply and it went on so easily. There are three different shades in the kit and a highlighter. I used the middle brown shade and the highlighter. The highlighter is more suited to the tops of your cheeks as this is very pigmented and I found it abit too much for under the brow. But the brow powder is definitely very good and easy to use. All in all a very good little kit and very impressive to know you can get something just as good as a more expensive brand for as little as £1.
If you have tried any of the two products please let me know what you think. Especially the foundation.
Happy Poundland Shopping
Jue X

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