June 02, 2017

By Jue Douglas

Well last week was a complete disaster on my Primark Shop. It's always the same when you go looking for things in mind. Even mini Juelook didn't buy much but this week has been a little bit better for both of us so I wanted to share with you what I have been buying this morning.
I love going into Primark first thing in the morning as it's always the quietest ( I don't like busy places) and this morning was really quiet and we could have a really good look around. So let me show you what I bought.
I didn't end up spending much but did buy a few things. I picked up two new nail polishes. I have said before I love the choice of colours in Primark and they are 90p which to me is a right bargain. The polish lasts a while on me but I tend to have short nails so don't suffer with chips. The colours I chose were Grape Soda (purple) and Blue Crush (blue). Both are quite dark shades for summer especially the blue but I thought it would be a nice colour to wear and they were new in so other people must wear these shades in summer...right? 
I also picked up another one of those little fragrances that I seem to like. The one I bought is called Mermaid Wishes EDP £2. Now I have to confess I haven't even smelt this and completely bought this for the bottle as it has little mermaids on it and is a complete winner for me. I'm not sure why as I'm a tiny bit scared of the ocean (Titanic is my favourite film of all time). But I still picked it up and it's so cute and I'm sure it will smell nice.
I also bought a Detangling Shower Brush £1. I was drawn to the fact it's in the shape of a heart and thought it might be useful to apply conditioner in my hair. It's quite a hard brush and I can imagine it might hurt but will probably do the job so will let you know.
I bought a pack of 3 chokers £2. I thought they would be perfect for my holidays. I own far to many chokers but most of them tend to be black so I thought these would be a perfect summer alternative. 
No Primark shop is ever complete without the purchase of a furry pom-poms and I just loved the colour of this one I found. It's a sort of red shade and has ears, even though im not sure what animal it's meant to be. At £2 it's quite cheap in the world of buying pom-poms. 

Still on the diet as I have said before and not wanting to buy many clothes just in case I loose weight ( which is very unlikely as I do like my jellybeans) I only bought two items. The top I bought was £10 which if I'm honest is abit expensive for Primark. I hadn't even seen it until I was coming out of the changing rooms with mini Juelook. ( she likes to try things on where as I don't) and I saw a lady with this top and thought I've got to have this. Anyway to cut a long story short we looked around the whole shop and found it. I love all the Embroidery that is around at the moment and would buy any item of clothing if it had Embroidery on it, so in the basket the top went. It's very gypsy style and I love it. To go with the top I found some stretchy leggings that look like jeans. I love the look of jeans but can never find a pair I look kind of alright in so these Demin leggings are perfect for me and at £6 a bit of a bargain.
Hope you have enjoyed my little Primark shop ( it was really little as well) and by far the top is my favourite thing I've bought. If you  have been to Primark lately I would love to know what you have been buying.
Happy Primark Shopping
Jue X

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