July 03, 2017

Holiday Edition By Jue Douglas

Hello again and thank you for dropping by. It's that time of the month again when I talk about what I have been loving in June. Forgive me that it's a little late (it's July already!!) I thought this month that   I wouldn't just include beauty products that I would add some TV favourites into the mix.
Let me know if you like this format or would you rather it be just beauty products. Anyway on with the favourites.......
Well I've been away on my holidays so alot of what I've been loving are from my Holiday Makeup Shakeup so I won't repeat myself here

Because of my holidays I thought I would include a suncream and this one is brilliant it's the SUPERDRUG SOLAIT ANTI-AGEING FACE FLUID. Now if you're anything like me and hate using suncream on your face because of breakouts this is perfect. I've used it for a week and no spots. It's not as Matte as I would like it but it's definitely done the job and no red faces in our family. It's available in two SPFs factor 50 and 30.

I love a new fragrance when I go on holiday and I have been loving the SJP NYC fragrance after buying a mini 5ml to try as I had never smelt it before. I ended up buying a 100ml bottle and have used it all up now but would definitely repurchase.

My favourite foundation of the month comes as no surprise to anyone it's the MAYBELLINE FIT ME FOUNDATION SHADE 130. I completely love this for a light weight foundation and have done a blogpost for this of it's very own. At £6.99 it's my favourite budget foundation.

My favourite nail varnish at the moment is the BARRY M GELLY £3.99. I have very short nails so don't really suffer with chips at the end. This nail varnish isn't the cheapest at £3.99 but i think it's great for toenails as it gives off such a shine and is perfect for holidays and for wearing sandals.
Definitely my very favourite nail polish in the world and if I won the lottery I would buy one of every colour.

If you would have told me this time last year a cooling spray would be in my favourites I would have thought you were mad. I've never been a fan of them as I like to feel warm all the time ( as I'm cold blooded, like a snake). But when I sat in the sun a little bit too long ( this was a few weeks ago) I thought this little sample was worth a try it's the SUPERDRUG INSTANT COOLING SPRAY. It's feels so nice on surnburn and does make you feel abit more comfortable if you do suffer from getting a little bit too hot after a day outside.

I like most of the people in the world love PLL and after 7 series and hours of boxsets I have finally finished Pretty Little Liars.. The last episode was brilliant if not very confusing and who would have thought. But sadly it's come to an end and for me it's the end of an era. I won't ruin the ending for those who haven't seen it yet but it really surprised me and I did cry a little bit, not just because it was over.

Also on the TV front I have been loving LOVE ISLAND. Not my usual choice of programs but I'm loving it and feel a tiny bit addicted.

I have also included something I haven't liked.. I don't usually do this because I always think if you can't say anything nice just don't mention it but I thought I would tell you just in case you were thinking of buying one and I want to warn you not to. It's the Primark Aqua Lash ( I've not wrote it in shouty capitals because it does pain me to write this).
At £2 I was silly to expect miracles and I always buy Primark makeup with a very open mind and I'm usually uber happy with everything they do in the range, but this is terrible. I didn't even go swimming and it was smudged down my face and at night I couldn't get the last remainder of the product off even with a eye makeup remover that was made for waterproof mascara. It was even on the next day. It's so bad I didn't even bring it home with me. On the plus side ( there is one) I did like the brush and the look that the mascara gave me just not the product itself. Just because it didn't work for me doesn't mean it won't for you but just in case you have it packed in your suitcase I would definitely recommend taking another as a back up. The  Maybelline Lash Sensational Waterproof at £7.99 is a brilliant alternative even though it's more expensive it's worth the extra for peace of mind.

 Let me know if you have tried this mascara and it works for you as I would love to hear some happy reviews about it.
Thanks for reading and happy shopping
Jue X

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