June 28, 2017

By Jue Douglas

Hello again and thank you for stopping by.....
Now you know what I'm like by now and yes you've guess it.. It's one of those products I want to shout about from the rooftops.
Now it will come as no surprise for you to learn I'm totally rubbish at the whole contour/highlighting thing and some days I'm not sure if I get it right or look like a tiger there's so many stripes on my face but that doesn't stop my trying and thinking "yeah I can totally do this" ( I totally can't). I don't think it helps that I have no facial bone structure and have always thought of myself as having a big moon face.
Because of my rubbish Contour and Highlighting, I'm always on the look out for products that will make it a little bit easier, cause yes I need help and while I'm still on the look out for a fool proof contour I'm think I've found the perfect highlighter...
It's the SPEEDY HIGHLIGHTER from Collection. This product is amazing and probably one of the best highlighters I have ever tried.
I love it when I find a cheap little beauty secret at a really affordable price and Collection seem to be doing this on a regular basis for me at the moment.
At £3.99 it's a brilliant budget beauty price and is good if not better than simular products twice the price.
The highlighter comes in a cream stick formula that you roll up like you would a lip stick. The trick here is to roll it on your face where you want highlighting....but I'm not one for doing things properly when it comes to makeup, so I found it looks better and applies better if you dap it with your finger in the areas where you want it to go. I mostly use it on the top of my cheekbones and it gives a beautiful pay off.

The swatch I have done really doesn't do this beautiful product justice as I rolled the product on my arm and didn't dab it on with my finger like I would use it normally.
The shade gives off a subtle glow with isn't too much and a just about right healthy look. I do also love the Collection Powder Contour kit but I think the highlighter works better with this stick than it does with the powder in the kit.
I have tried contour sticks before but can never do it right so if you know of any that are foolproof please let me know as I love the idea of cream sticks but don't want to look like a tiger.
Happy Contour Shopping
Jue X

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