July 16, 2017

By Jue Douglas

Hello again and thank you for stopping by. As we are already in the middle of the month of July I thought I would share with you a few little beauty treats I've been treating myself to.
Recently I've been away on my holidays and when I returned I kind of wanted to ease the pain of returning home and what better way of doing this with abit of retail therapy.
Having recently discovered Depop ( which was a mistake for my bank balance) I've not even had to leave the house without spending money, so as well as shopping in stores,  cute little parcels have been arriving at my door.
So here's a list of new products I've been buying and loving at the moment..
Having heard so many good reviews about this product  I was keen to try the COLLECTION PRIMED & READY INVISIBLE SETTING POWDER £3.99. I love a good powder and hate being shiny. I have always loved the Rimmel Stay Matte powder but I hate to say it but this is better. It's the same price as the Rimmel and it really is invisible when applied with a brush all over the face. It comes in a hinged compact but it's still  missing a mirror which I do like in a compact but it's still my new favourite.
My eyebrows are non existent ( as I always say when I'm talking about a Brow product) so i have bought two brow products one was from depop which is the BENEFIT KA BROW in the shade 04 . I bought this for £8 but I think it's approximately £20 brand new and the RIMMEL BROW THIS WAY £4.99 in the shade medium. I am totally obsessed with the Benefit Ka Brow but do think the shade is slightly too dark but if you find the right shade I definitely would recommend if your brows are none existent like mine.
The Rimmel Brow this way is really good as well and is great to get some shape for your arch and I have been using both products for a defined brow.
I have been very keen to try more of the cosmetics from Poundlands Makeup Gallery range. So I picked up the MAKEUP GALLERY PRO LIQUID EYELINER £1. I love the formula of this but the brush had got a little bit messed in the bottle and I was unable to get a straight line with the brush how it was,  so I had to give it a little trim and now it works brilliantly. I think I still prefer my £1 Primark one but I would definitely repurchase this if the Primark one was unavailable and it's great to have a cheaper alternative.


Because of my Hyperpigmention I have been using the MUA PRO BASE CONCEALER in the shade peach. £3. I have done a separate blog post about this and it's really good addition to my makeup bag. It's also good for dark circles and even though I don't think I will ever be completely flawless it's definitely helping my self confidence with the cover up.

Blusher wise I have bought two both were from Depop. I bought the I HEART MAKEUP BLUSHING HEARTS and this one was £2.50 (£4.99 in the shops) and the BENEFIT GALAFONIA £10 (£22.50 from Benefit). Now I probably wouldn't buy any full price luxury makeup but that doesn't mean to say I don't want to try it ( just to see what the fuss is about) I have to admit I do prefer the look of the I heart makeup product so it's the budget product that wins out of the two blushers here. I'm a affordable beauty girl at heart).

Except for the PS Primark Waterproof mascara which I didn't get on with, I have loved all the Primark Mascaras I have tried in the past. The new one I have tried is the PS LASH OUT £2.50. I have to admit I totally bought this for the packaging but it doesn't disappoint. It's probably the best one out of all the ones I have tried from Primark. It definitely gives volume and even curl And with  my weedy little lashes that's worth a lot. I totally love all the new range of the pink products they have in Primark at the moment and will definitely be going back for more.

I have recently bought the MUA FIRE VIXEN PALETTE £5 and discovered it's the best pallete I own. The colours are beautiful and very pigmented and wearable. Definitely one to buy and I can't recommend it enough. I have used more expensive palletes in the past and this one is just as good If not better.

I must admit I have never been keen on using a setting spray and couldn't work out the hype until I thought I would try one. I am always trying out new foundations and notice a lot of the cheap ones don't get me though to the afternoon so I thought a setting spray would help.
I didn't want to buy an expensive one so I picked up the ESSENCE INSTANT MATT SETTING SPRAY £3. I wasn't sure if I was buying just water in spray bottle but I'm sure it does actually work.
It can be used as a primer as well so I've been spraying my face before and after makeup. I does smell very chemically but doesn't sting eyes and definitely gives a matte finish. The first time I used it my mascara hadn't dried properly and I ended up with mascara everywhere but now I think I know what I'm doing!!!!

Now who doesn't love a good body spray. I for one can be abit obsessed with them and recently discovered the SO? FRAGRANCE MISTS.( £1.98 on offer) My favourites in the range are FRESH FLORAL and FRESH MUSK. These are great for handbags with the Fresh Floral fragrance being my favourite and lasting such a long time. Definitely worth a purchase if you find them on offer in your local store and with so many different fragrances there's definitely one to suit all tastes.

If you have bought any of the products please leave in the comments your favourite or if you are going to try one leave a comment also.
Happy Shopping
Love Jue X

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