July 18, 2017

By Jue Douglas

Hello again and welcome back to my little part of the internet. Today I thought I would share with you my favourite budget eyeliners.
Now we all love a good cat eye and I for one love a winged look and find it's my go to eyeliner look. Finding the right eyeliner is important as no one wants to end up with eyeliner sliding off there face. So with this in mind I thought I would let you know some of my favourites that definitely won't break the bank ( starting from £1). Where I know different people like different things. I find these work for me and my quite watery eyes. Buying eyeliner can be tricky and I definitely like a proper brush rather than a felt tip pen like applicator or a plastic applicator like the Collection one which is a good formula but not the applicator which is abit disappointing as I normally love Collection products.
I might as well start off with the cheapest and my favourite it's the PS LIQUID EYELINER £1. Now I for one would pay double for this as it's so amazing. I love the formula and the brush, even though I have about 5 of these products and the brush is different lengths on each one it's still a proper brush which I do love. It lasts all day with no smudges which I think is brilliant for any liquid eye product let alone one that is so cheap. This is my go to eyeliner everyday and is definitely my favourite out of the four.

Next staying with the £1 theme is the MAKEUP GALLERY PRO LIQUID EYELINER from Poundland. I have only just recently bought this and am really impressed. The only downside to this eyeliner is the brush. The hairs on the tiny brush were all over the place and was impossible to get a straight line with but after a little trim it become easier to use. It lasts all day and doesn't smudge at all. Definitely one to try out if you are after a new eyeliner or just want to try some of Poundland makeup this is definitely one of the stand out products from the range.

The most expensive eyeliner that I have is the L'ORÉAL PARIS BLACK LACQUER LIQUID EYELINER £6.99. Now this is so good and gives a really glossy black colour. I used to use this years ago when it first came out and found it smudged but they must have changed the formula because this one is really good. The only downside is the brush or the fact it's not a brush it's like a sponge and I have a problem getting a proper thin flick with it so I tend to prefer the Primark one over this, because of the brush which is a shame because it is really good.

Last but not least is the ESSENCE LIQUID EYELINER PEN £2.80. I don't normally like pens and find it really hard to do a flick but the formula is good and does last all day. The one I have is Waterproof but I can't confirm or deny if you could go swimming wearing it but it does last all day and it's easy to remove with a makeup remover so I would definitely recommend. The range do a liquid eyeliner at the same price which is also very good (maybe a bit better as it's not a pen) and if I was to repurchase it would definitely be the liquid eyeliner not the pen but if you are love the idea of a pen this is definitely one for you.
Other liquid eyeliners to try are Rimmel London and Collection ( even though the brush isn't the best)
I hope this helps you finding a budget eyeliner and if you have any more recommendations please leave me a comment as I always love to try new products
Happy Eyeliner Shopping
Jue X

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