August 01, 2017

By Jue Douglas

Hello and welcome back to my tiny part of the internet.
I thought I would do a little brow series and this is my first part, my second part will be about brow pomades later in the month.
I love a good Brow product and because my brows are very sparse and definitely not on fleek, I find it very hard to find products that are right for me.
Now if you took one look at my face you probably wouldn't want to take any brow advice from me as my brows look rubbish most of the time and I don't have much to work with but I do try to do my best with what I have and I have tried the products on other people to check out there opinions as well to give a better review for eyebrows that haven't been over plucked like mine.

I thought it might be useful to give you a first impressions/ review of three products at three very different  price points to see if it's worth spending a little bit more for perfect brows.

The three that have tried are;
Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil £20
L'Oréal Paris Brow Artist Pencil £6.99
Primark  Ps 3 in 1 Brow Pencil £2

Please bear in mind that my brows are rubbish and very sparse so these products might work very differently if you have a fuller Brow than me.

The products are practically identical (except for the PS one that has extra powder inside) but all three have the same shape angled nib which makes it good to compare the three. 
First with the most expensive product.

At first glance the packaging idefinitely looks the best but even though it does look the nicest out of the three it doesn't feel any more luxurious to apply than the other two and definitely doesn't need the fancy packaging as it's abit over the top for me. 
The shade is completely spot on for me and I loved the way that my brows don't look too dark or too light. I do need to press on with this product in places as it was a little bit dry and I felt I really had to  work with it  It looked natural and lasted all day so definitely long lasting. But way to expensive for my budget and if I was to buy another Brow product from Benefit it would definitely be the Ka Brow as the Pomade in the same shade goes on so much smoother.

Firstly I like the packaging which is simple and a lot less fancy than the benefit product, which is better for me as I prefer a more simple design.. I didn't like the colour match as much as the Benefit one but that's probably my fault for picking up the wrong shade as my brows were a little bit too dark.
The product went on well and I didn't need to press on too hard. It was very easy to use and I would definitely want to pick up another in a different shade to try as it went on very easily and wasn't too waxy or dry. I didn't really look natural but I think that's more a shade issue with me than the product itself. It lasted all day and I would definitely recommend if the colour was right.

Firstly I love the price of this it's only £2. It's only available in 3 shades which makes its very hard to choose the right colour. The first one I picked up was Medium and it's definitely too dark so I went back for the light version which is definitely a better colour match for me and I definitely think it would be too dark to be called light if you know what I mean.
I have popped a picture of both the shades to compare them and in the picture the light looks a lot lighter than it actually is.
It goes on nicely but is a little bit waxy but I prefer that than it being dry. It doesn't need much building up and a little goes a long way. ( I would normally use the powder to fill as well with this product but because I wanted to make this test fair with the other two I just used the pencil).
It lasts all day and the price point definitely suits my purse more than the other two. It perhaps doesn't look as natural as the other two but still looks good and well worth the money.

All in all...all three had there fors and against for each of the products what ever the price point and  if I could have the Colour of the Benefit, the packaging of the L'Oréal and the Formula of the Primark Ps. It would make a perfect brow product.
Personally I wouldn't want to spend anymore than £10 on a single brow product and really the Benefit only had the colour match in its favour for me as the other two were just as good and I will be looking for a better colour match within these products in the future.
If you know of any brow products that are the same shade as Benefit number 3 but a fraction of the price please leave me a comment as I'm always out to try new things.
Thank you for taking the time to read this and hope some of you found it useful.
Jue X

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  1. It's not a single brow product but I love the Revolution Brow Palette, there are 2 shade, fair/medium or medium/dark. They have 4 powders, 2 waxes and a brow pencil and its only £8 in Superdrug! If you were willing to try something new I would highly recommend it :)
    Sinéad x

    1. Thank you so much Sinéad for the recommendation. I have tried the Revolution Ultra Brow pen before and loved it so definitely will try the palette and I will let you know what I think.. Jue X