July 28, 2017

By Jue Douglas

Hello again and welcome back to my tiny part of the internet. As July draws to a close I thought I would share with you a few of my favourite things that I have been really enjoying this month

A lot of my favourites this month have been Makeup so that's what I will start off with and because it's one of my favourite things to talk about.
Firstly with the return of something I tried out a few months ago ( I did do a blog about it) when I was kindly gifted by a friend the BENEFIT HOOLA BRONZER. I wouldn't normally buy high end makeup and if I hadn't been given it I wouldn't have even tried it but it's so good. I use mine all over my face to give me a bit of a Bronzed glow as my tan from my holidays/ sitting in the garden is quickly fading. I would definitely recommend trying the travel version at £12  or checking out Depop or EBay for a cut priced one because £25 is a lot to spend normally on a Bronzer however good it is.

A mascara I have recently bought and been loving is the PRIMARK PS LASH OUT MASCARA £2.50. This is from the Cotton Candy range in Primark and is brilliant. I really love the pink girly packaging and the brush is brilliant. It doesn't clump and gives great volume as well. I normally love a Primark Mascara ( except the Waterproof one) and this one is definitely up there with the best.

Because of my problem skin since my holidays I have been suffering with High Pigmentation and needed something to cover it. I've been loving the MUA PRO BASE £3. This is used as a concealer and does a great job to help hide the darker spots so I don't look like I have black eyes ( not a good look there) it's very cheap and is available in yellow tones and green for different skin problems and definitely worth picking up if you are passing your local Superdrug. 

The I HEART MAKEUP BLUSHING HEARTS TRIPLE BAKED BLUSHER £5 has to have a little mention as it's my new favourite. I completely love the packaging and even though I do think they might have taken inspiration from the two faced brand it's definitely a brilliant product and looks so pretty on your cheeks and gives out just enough product without being too much if you know what I mean.

It will come as no surprise that I have to include the MUA FIRE VIXEN PALLETE £5. This is my very favourite makeup pallete and you can probably tell on the photo which are my favourite shades.
They don't  have names but have great staying power and last me all day without a eyeshadow primer. I can't recommend this anymore than I do and feel as though everyone should have one of these great palletes in there life!!!

I have really been enjoying the Essence setting spray £3. I've never really been keen on them before and always thought it was just water spray but this one really works and I do find my makeup has longer lasting power, which I'm hoping is not a figment of my imagination. I'm not as shiny as I normally am in the summer months. I am very keen on trying more Setting Sprays from different brands to see how they compare in the future.

I am a big fan of the ZOELLA BEAUTY range and have loved the previous ranges that have been released. The new JELLY & GELATO range doesn't disappoint. I bought the fragrance mist £8 which are always my favourites in each of the ranges. I'm not sure what the tones in the fragrance mist are, but it reminds me of children's party's so I'm guessing Jelly and ice cream play a big part.... It's the longest lasting fragrance on me to date and It's definitely my favourite Zoella range out of all of them and I would love to buy more from the range in the future. 

I love the Superdrug body sprays and think they are perfect to keep in a hand bag to freshen up in the day. I love the limited edition ones they release from time to time and the new one I have is SPARKLE (59p at the moment). This smells beautiful and the lemons make it very summery and who doesn't like a good summertime fragrance? Right? My favourite ever in the range was called Scrumptious and did remind me of the Euphoria fragrance but that was limited Edition as well and it's out of stock so hopefully it will return, but this does make a very good alternative.

Another body spray I have been loving ( I do love a good body spray) is the SO? FRESH FLORAL BODY MIST £1.99. I love the fact that this is a pump spray rather than an aerosol and these don't disappoint. They smell lovely and this one has little daisies on the packaging which I have to admit is totally the reason behind my purchase of it, as I do love myself a daisy. 

No more body sprays I promise.. now on to Television....
 I, like most of the uk have been loving LOVE ISLAND.
 There is now a big void in my life at 9 o clock of an evening and I couldn't do a July Favourites without giving it a little mention. Really sad it's over and I can't wait for next years already!

Hope you have enjoyed my little July favourites ( which is very simular to my new makeup blog post I posted earlier this month ) and if I've missed anything out you think I would love please leave a comment or if you have tried any of my favourites and loved them as well please let me know.
Happy End of July
Jue X

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  1. I'm definitely going to try out the Essence setting spray, they're definitely one of my favourite budget brands right now. Also I picked up some of the Jelly and Gelato range and I love the scent, the Body Pudding is my fave! x


    1. Aww Kirsty the Essence Setting Spray is brilliant and here was me thinking it's just fancy water lol, definitely one of my favourite brands as well, I'm loving the new Zoella range. Not used the Body pudding yet but will definitely try it in the future Xx