August 13, 2017

By Jue Douglas

Hello again and thank you for stopping by.
Today I wanted to do a little first impressions of the new foundation from Revlon. Now I'm always excited to try a new foundation from Revlon as I love the Colorstay so much. So when I heard about this one I just had to pick one up.
The foundation is called Youth FX and retails at £13.99 for a 30ml tube. Now I am not one for wanting to spend more then £10 on a makeup product so when I saw it was on a 2 for £14 and one was £13.99 I thought it was silly not to take advantage of this offer. ( you can pick up any Revlon products on this offer not just the foundation )
Because of not being to sure on my shade I thought I would pick up two different shades, one lighter and one darker so when I'm paler in the winter months I would have a spare in stock.
The colours I went for are
There were four different shades in my local store which is not a lot of choice but I'm sure there would have been more on a larger Revlon counter but I would spoilt for choice with the four.

Now I don't know about you but I love a tube rather than a glass bottle for my foundation. I know some people would rather have a glass jar so the packaging might not appeal to some. Even though it doesn't look or feel as a luxurious product it fits better in a makeup bag and for on the go use. I always have a job at the end of a foundation for getting the last little drop out and find with a tube you can just cut the tube open, where as in a glass jar a lot is wasted as you just can't get to it.
Now I love the fact it has an SPF 20 in as I do suffer with my skin in the sunny weather with my high pigmentation and I don't like wearing a foundation without one so this is all good news for me.
Now I know I have bought foundation in the past and it has been full of false promises and this one promises to ..... Dramatically transforms the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Now I have enough lines and wrinkles to really check if this claim works and I'm sad it doesn't get rid of lines forever but you can't have everything.
Now you know by now how I normally do my day tests but this one is a little bit different as the last foundation test I did I went yellow and was self conscious all afternoon and no one wants to look like Marge Simpson on a day to day basis.  So this time I'm doing it on a full day when I'm not at work, but I still won't be checking my face every five minutes, but if needs be I can retouch ( or take off if I go yellow) without any hassle.
The first thing you notice about this foundation is it's quite thick, it's more of a moussey texture rather like the Maybelline Matte Mousse we all used to love back in the day. Because of this I thought it was better to apply it with fingers. Now I don't know if this is the right or wrong thing to do with this foundation but I definitely will be going to try it with a sponge next time and check out the difference.
It went on thickly and blended well. I wouldn't say it's a full coverage like the Colorstay but it's a nice coverage and the colour definitely suited my skin ( I used the 240 Meduim Beige for this test).
I didn't notice it made any difference to my fine lines and I definitely didn't look more youthful but it didn't settle into any lines or wrinkles so that's a bonus in itself, but i am disappointed about not looking younger or less wrinkled.
What I did find with this foundation is by dinner time I was looking a little shiny and I could really feel I had the product on my face. I don't know whether my skin was having an off day or something but a little powder did sort it out and I was ready to rumble.
It stayed the same for the rest of the day with me just having to touch up with powder which isn't that much of a hassle really, but I was really to take it off at the end of the day.
If it's a choice between the YOUTH FX or COLORSTAY, the Colorstay wins hands down. I will definitely try this product again with either a sponge or a brush just to let you know what I think and I do have two tubes of the product so I can't let it go to waste.
I do love the packaging and really wish it gave a more Matte finish.
If you have tried this product and if you found you looked 10 years younger please let me know where I'm going wrong as I really want to love it........ or are you a diehard Colorstay fan like myself and nothing can compare.
 I would also love to hear from you of any cheap similar products that I might love simular to the Colorstay but from different brands.
Jue X❤️

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