August 16, 2017

By Jue Douglas

 Hi and thank you for stopping by. Today I wanted to share with you a beautiful new palette that I have picked up.
The palette is the MAYBELLINE THE BURGUNDY BAR palette £11.99.
Now this palette is right with my street with such beautiful pigmented colours in shades that I completely love.
 I love Maybelline eye products but this I have to admit is my first full pallete from the range and have only used single shadows in the past. ( my favourite being the 24hr tattoo cream pots) The Brand have few palletes in the range but his one with such beautiful red shades was a must for my makeup bag and I couldn't wait to try it.
 The pallete comes with 12 colours and can be used in many combinations with a little guide on the back showing the options of using the shades in Quads, Trios and Duos. It's just a guide and I'm sure you can use whichever colour you wanted with any of the shades but it's great to help to have a guide. (Even though I'd rather use my own combinations)
All of the colours have a shimmer to them and none of them are Matte colours, so maybe not the palette for Matte eyeshadow lovers.
The palette comes with a very useful brush which is great for on the go and I wish every brand would include a brush with there eyeshadow palletes.
The palette is a great size for even a smaller makeup bag and doesn't need to be any bigger.
 I am not a fan of very big palletes even though I do love it when brands name the shades as it makes blog posts easier to write as I can instantly say which ones are my favourites in the product. My favourites are the red shades and the second one in on the bottom row from the left is definitely my favourite.
But they are all pretty wearable for me and have great pigmentation. I haven't had chance to try them all but the combinations I have tried have great staying power and have lasted all day.

I am definitely very impressed with this palette and I would go as far as to say it's my new favourite.
If you have got this palette or thinking of buying it, leave a comment and let me know what you think.
Have you tried the other Maybelline palletes? And what do you think? 
Jue X

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