September 28, 2017

By Jue Douglas

 Hi there you lovely lot and thank you for stopping by. Today I wanted to talk to you about a new foundation that I recently bought from RIMMEL LONDON. It’s the new LASTING FINISH 25HR BREATHABLE MEDIUM COVERAGE FOUNDATION.
Those of you who have viewed my blog in the past will already know how much I love RIMMEL LONDON and really enjoy most of the products, so when I heard about this foundation I was excited to try it.
The foundation itself is £8.99 which I think it’s abit pricey for RIMMEL and managed to shop around for this at WILKINSONS at £5.99. It’s also on a 3 for 2 in SUPERDRUG so it’s better to shop around to get the best price.
The product packaging itself is very similar to the original LASTING FINISH and I did buy the same shade 200 Soft Beige in the breathable like the original as the shades are the same which sometimes shades can differ between different products.
Unlike the original, the Breathable doesn’t come in a pump bottle which is better for some and not for others. I quite like the little sponge brush, even though when I opened it I was a little confused where the pump was at first and honestly thought I’d broken it. The product went everywhere.
I can imagine the little spongey applicator is better when you come to the end of the product because with a pump it sometimes can be hard to get all the product out from the bottle. I personally prefer a plastic tube than a glass bottle but the glass bottle does make it look a more luxurious product so I’m guessing that’s why they have gone with a glass bottle this time and not a tube.
The foundation has the added bonus of having an SPF 20 in the formula which is brilliant as you don’t have to use a separate product and after suffering with hyper pigmentation over the summer I don’t like leaving the house without some sort of sunscreen on my face.

I was expecting the formula to be a lighter version of the original which is quite a heavy full coverage which I must admit I do prefer and if you saw my face I do have a lot to cover. This new one is a lot lighter and provides a medium coverage but definitely not a light coverage which you would expect.
What does surprise me is the “Breathable” name as I think it makes it sound like the original lasting finish isn’t Breathable which isn’t the case as I’ve always been happy with the original, as even
though it’s a heavy coverage it doesn’t cause me any breakouts, which is a big deal with my skin.

The new foundation is very easy to blend, probably easier to blend than the original. I applied it with the applicator straight on to my face then blended it with a sponge and it gave a good coverage and feels lovely on the skin when when first applied. I definitely prefer a sponge rather than a brush to apply but that’s just me being not too fond of foundation brushes.
The foundation does feel very lightweight and I was surprised how much coverage it does give off for a lightweight foundation and you can’t feel it on your skin. It’s also buildable for a more medium coverage.
I didn’t use a primer underneath as I have used them in the past as find they make my skin extra shiny  but I did use a setting spray as I do with all my foundations.
The foundation does smell a little more chemically than the other Rimmel foundations which isn’t really a problem but I would have loved it to smell like the Rimmel Wake me up foundation which has to be my favourite smell of any foundation I’ve ever tried, but definitely not really an issue.
I have tried this foundation on a few occasions and find I do have to retouch at dinner time as it does break down around my nose but you can get approximately 5 hours wear out of it. I used my Rimmel stay matte powder to retouch but there are very few foundations I don’t have to do this with, so it’s pretty normal for me, as I done suffer with my strange combination skin.
The foundation doesn’t cake at all and sits really well on the skin. It doesn’t settle into my fine lines or my not so fine lines come to think of it.
Even though it doesn’t make me poreless and you could see some of my imperfections it does give a medium coverage making it perfect for an everyday foundation.
It would be perfect for people with relatively good skin to start off with and I think this would make a nice summer foundation especially with its SPF and being so lightweight but I definitely prefer the original for this time of year, but that might be me being set in my ways. I have done a blogpost about the original if you fancy reading it, I’ve left a link below.....
Before I go i just wanted to add an extra bit. After being ill for a week or so my skin was suffering breakouts. I really didn’t want to wear a heavy foundation ( or any foundation at all really but needs must) so I went back to this and it’s really helped me clear up my skin. I really wanted to point this out as I was really impressed.
What do you think if you have tried it and which do you prefer?

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