October 05, 2017

By Jue Douglas

Hi there you lovely lot and thank you for stopping by. Today I wanted to share with you my over excitement for a palette that I have finally got my hands on.
This pallete is in collaboration with the you tuber SOPHDOESNAILS. (There is a highlighter palette as well but the eyeshadows seemed to be the stand out one of the two palettes and I may go back for the other one in time).
Makeup Revolution is one of my favourite makeup brands of all time for palettes and I must admit I do probably have one too many of them with very similar shades except for this one.
I have been loving the red/orange tones of eyeshadows for a while now and when I saw this one I knew it wouldn’t be long before it was in my little makeup bag.( or rather big makeup bag)
The pallete itself consists of 24 shades. 14 Matte and 10 Shimmer shades. 
The palette itself is very big and probably wouldn’t be ideal for traveling or carrying around with you on a day to day basis. The packaging once the box is opened is simple and plastic simular to other palettes from the brand. It’s in a cream coloured packaging unlike the usual black which is different but I prefer a black palette as they usually end up in a right mess in my makeup bag. ( please tell me that’s not just me). 
It does have a generous sized mirror in the lid which I’m always a fan of, but no brush. Now that to me is a real big downside as I do love an eyeshadow product that comes with a brush ( even if it’s a little brush) and especially from large palettes. I’m thinking the FORTUNE FAVOURS THE BRAVE MISS BEAUTY BLOGGER MAKEUP REVOLUTION PALETTE here which I do have and if I’m not mistaken does come with a brush. I know I do have lots of eye makeup brushes but they are never close to hand when I need them so having one in the pallete would be great. The thing that really sells it to me are the shades, now they are beautiful and my swatches don’t do the lovely colours justice as I do think the shades show up better on my eyelids than my arm.

Now I do find they work better with a eyeshadow primer and I like the ESSENCE EYE PRIMER as it’s only £2 and does the job so I wouldn’t want to pay anymore when I’m happy with the cheaper product.
The product is very high pigmented especially the shimmer ones and definitely lasted me all day with no fall out with sometimes can be a problem for cheaper eyeshadows but I’ve never experienced this with a Makeup Revolution product.
I dont generally use a damp eyeshadow brush when applying eyeshadows but I found the Shimmer ones really give amazing pay off with a damp brush especially for a night time look but for a more natural daytime look a dry brush would be good as well.
You can get some amazing looks for Autumn especially with the red tones and I found even with the shades I didn’t think I would use ( green is normally a no no for me) I found I really wanted to experiment and have a little play around  with all the shades in the pallete and was happy with the results.
Stand out shades for me are ; PUMPKIN( my favourite in the whole palette), CLOUDBERRY, FESTIVE FLAME, COTTON COIN, TIRAMISU, PEACHES, DANGER and MUG CAKE.

The shade PETROL is definitely a different shade from the swatch and it’s a really nice shade and it can do a very impressive smokey eye with. 


If you have used this pallete, let me know what you think.
 Using this palette has really made me want to try the highlighter one as well from the range so if you’ve used it and can recommend it I would love to hear from you before I buy.
Love Jue X

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  1. The highlighter Palette is worth buying as well ��

  2. That’s next on my to buy list lol X