October 20, 2017

By Jue Douglas

Hello again and welcome back to a little impromptu blog post I thought I would write after purchasing one of the new MAYBELLINE LIP KITS from SUPERDRUG recently.
Everywhere you seem to look at the moment lip kits are definitely a thing after the Kylie Jenner ones, they now seem to be available at whatever your budget as the cheaper brands are definitely doing there take on the trend.
I have never used a Kylie Jenner one and I’m sure they are amazing but I’m all for budget beauty so I welcome more affordable brands bringing out there own versions of a very similar product.
The one from Maybelline is £9.99. That to me is still pretty expensive for a drugstore product and bear in mind I never use a lip liner (perhaps that’s where I’m going wrong for all these years). So the fact it’s two products doesn’t even soften the blow.
I did manage to find it on a 3 for 2 ( mix and match at Superdrug so not all bad news).

Now Maybelline is one of my all time favourite brands so I was super keen to try this product out especially as it’s a metallic lip which after the Sleek Makeup ones last week I’m really enjoying at the moment.
There are 3 lip kits in the collection and they are exclusive to Superdrug at the moment. All three seem to have a very “Party feel” either Halloween as they have been teamed with darker shades or  Christmas as leading up to the party season and who doesn’t want metallic lips in December? I know I definitely would.
The three in the collection are called ENCHANTED, GOTHIC and MYSTIC.
I would have bought all three but just wanted to try one.

So the product I picked up is called ENCHANTED. I picked this one as this one I thought was the moser wearable one for me.
The packaging definitely has a Kylie Jenner feel, ie it comes in a little box and like all the drugstore versions of this seem to be packed in the same way.
The box contains the liquid lip product and a lip liner. Both products in the box are already for sale on the Maybelline stand so it’s good that they have teamed them together for a cheaper price. Also if you love the combo and you say, use more liner than the lip foil you could purchase separately and not have to buy the full kit again.
The products in the Enchanted lip kit are;
Separately these would cost more than the £9.99 lip kit as the lip foils  are £7.99 in the first place and liners are £3.99 so if you already use the products the lip kit works out a bit of a bargain.
Like I have said I don’t usually use a lip liner but for the point of this little first impressions I thought I would give it a go ( who knows this might be the start of a lip liner obsession with me ).
I decided to use the lip liner all over my lips not just to line them as I thought it might make the lip foil more longer lasting.
The lip liner could easily be used on its own as an all over lip product and sits very nicely on the lips. It doesn’t feel dry either as some liners that I have used in the past can do.
Next for the lip foil. The first thing you notice about the lip foil is the tube is thinner than a normal Maybelline Matte lip product. There is 5ml of product which isn’t that vastly different to a usual lip product but it just seems smaller packaging.
The applicator is simple but flexible and the product goes on nicely and evenly. I used two coats of product which seems normal to me when it comes to liquid lipsticks.
It takes a few minutes to set and does dry to a beautiful metallic shade. It feels so comfortable on the lips as well ( with or without the lip liner) which is important to me with a liquid lip product.
I have tried this with and without the lip liner just to check if I really need to bother with the liner for future reference and I found you really don’t.
I found the product lasts and looks the same without the liner. It doesn’t bleed into fine lines and sets brilliantly. I found I can get approximately 4 hours wear out of it and would have probably lasted longer if I hadn’t have had a cup of tea ( but a girl needs her tea).

The shade is beautiful and definitely the nicest Metallic shade I have tried and I would probably still use it without the liner as with it being such a small product it would be easy to carry around with you anyway to keep reapplying after drinking or eating.

I will definitely use the lip liner again ( on its own) as a full lip colour as it’s quite a nice wearable shade but I don’t think I will repurchase the lip liner again  as it hasn’t changed my opinion on them.
It has made me want to buy more of the Lip Foils from the range but I think I will buy them as a stand alone product and not in the lip kit form as I don’t think I will be getting a lip liner obsession anytime soon.
All in this this product is not as long lasting as some matte lip kits I have tried (I can imagine Kylie Jenner’s being long lasting)  but definitely the nicest metallic shade ever and very comfortable it really doesn’t feel like you have any product on your lips.

If you have tried this I would love to know what you think.. or is Kylie Jenner the queen of lip kits?
Love Jue X

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