October 25, 2017

By Jue Douglas

Hi again or should that be halloooooooow again and welcome back to my tiny part of the internet.
Today because the Halloween season is approaching I thought it was just the right time to tell you about a product I’ve recently bought especially released for Halloween.

You know how much I love the MAKEUP REVOLUTION brand and they are definitely one of my favourites as they offer good products at an affordable price, so I’m so excited about this.
Now I usually steer clear of Halloween makeup as I’m scary enough without makeup but that said when I saw this little highlighter with a cute little embossed skeleton on the top it made me really want to try it and to see if I could carry an everyday look using it.
There were other products on the stand from the same range includes Ghost Sculpt and Ghost Powder   But it was the highlighter that really caught my eye.

Using highlighter is quite a new thing for me as I’m very late to the party with the whole contour/ highlighter thing.
I did go though a phase in the summer months this year of using highlighter all the time but I found the only thing it highlighted was my high pigmentation and I stopped using it.
This time of year is perfect for me to start using it again as my pigmentation has definitely faded thanks to a few products I was using and there is a blog post all about it if anyone is interested.

Now I’ve rediscovered it again I’ve gone a little highlighter crazy and have been buying a few over the last few weeks and this one is definitely a favourite.
The highlighter is £3 which is the standard price for a single highlighter from the brand. As this one is for Halloween I’m guessing it will be a limited edition until next year but there are many similar shades from Makeup Revolution if you can’t get hold of this one.

I am yet to try them all but I’ve never bought a product that I don’t like from the range, so I’m guessing they will all be pretty amazing.
Now back to the Ghost Lights............

The pay off is so booooo itful ( see what I did there). It’s a Iridescent pearlescent white highlighter and has a pretty pink sheen in a certain light. The Pink sheen makes the product look so pretty on your face and I found you really don’t need much of the product to get a good result.The pigmentation payoff is brilliant as well and certainly could give a higher end product a good run for its money. 

I just used it above my cheekbones but you could use it on other areas to highlight further but I just like it above my cheekbones as I’m no highlighter pro.
I used my little PS beauty contour brush to apply (so no expensive equipment) and I am very happy with the end result. For a more subtle look you could use a tiny bit on your finger tips.

I do have a few more highlighters in my collection and am going to try and get on board with proper contouring as well so will keep you posted of how I get on with it.
All in all a lovely affordable product thats not just for Halloween.
If you have used this please let me know what you think.
Is there another highlighter product you think I would love?
Love Jue X

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