November 15, 2017

By Jue Douglas

Hiya again and welcome back to my little part of the internet.
This week has been my birthday. Now I’m not a big fan of birthdays. Not only the fact that I’m another year older it’s that I hate the centre of attention that goes with it.
But saying that, I do like a good PRIMARK HAUL, that goes hand in hand with me and birthdays so not all bad news. ( and I do love a good birthday cake as well but that’s another story).
Over the weekend we took a little trip to North Wales ( hence my absence from all things social media) so it would have been rude to not go into the Llandudno branch while I was in town. This store isn’t as large as my local Stoke On Trent store where I did the second half of this Primark Shop but it’s a lovely modern new store that opened up this year. I did buy a few little bits from there but the vast amount was bought from Stoke on Trent on my actual birthday.
Now I always feel a little bit silly when I do one of these posts as I know many bloggers have pages of new items to share with you and mine are smaller hauls but they do prove to be popular posts so I thought it was still worth doing.
On to the clothing;
I love the sweatshirts they sell in the store and I don’t know if you can remember I have one in my last haul. The Camp West  one below cost me £5 and I love it. I really love the colour Mustard at the moment and I thought it would look good with my trademark leggings and Demin jacket.

 Now I did need a pair of pyjamas. Unlike everybody else as it’s approaching the winter months, I still wear summer pyjamas. It’s just something I do ( I’m not even warm blooded I’m always cold) I do however own a very large dressing gown. This vest and shorts was so cute it instantly caught my eye and at £5 I just had to come away with it.
Everyone needs a Christmas Jumper and I saw this cute one in the men’s department for £8. The Christmas jumper range in Primark this year is so much better than last year and for £8 it’s such a good price. It doesn’t put me off being a Men’s jumper as you can’t really tell and they are only a bit of fun anyway.

The other sweatshirt I bought was this West Coast one for £5. I actually wore it straight away as it was so cold in North Wales on the sea front. I think I definitely have enough of these sweatshirts now but I think they look really good teamed with leggings and converse.
I did pick up a fragrance as well. This one is the PS Love Emerald edt 50ml for £3.50.
I do have to admit it was the shade of green of the packaging that made me purchase this without even trying a tester. It does smell nice and not bad for the price. What I wasn’t expecting was the colour of the fragrance to actually be green and it does look a little off putting but it still smells nice anyway.

I hardly ever come out of Primark without buying bits of Makeup( I don’t think it has ever happened) and I did get off quite lightly buying some cosmetic sponges and nail varnish.
The cosmetic sponges are brilliant and can rival higher priced sponges. I tend to get though tons of these and I’m blaming my cats here because they love playing with them. Now I don’t know what they have done to these sponges because when I first bought them they weren’t that good but these are brilliant. So if you’ve tried them before and didn’t like them, it’s definitely worth another pack and at £1.50 they are a bargain. 
I am loving abit of glitter at the moment in my nail varnish and these Primark Nail Gem nail varnishes are brilliant. If I’m painting a glittery nail I like it to be full glitter and not just little bits and this is brilliant. You only need about 2 coats. Now it is £2 which I think is expensive for a Primark Nail product especially when you want one in every colour but it’s a overall good product.
Other bits and bobs I picked up, which I seem to pick up every time I go into a Primark were a pack of stud earrings £2, a pack of hair bobbles and a Reusable bag £2. I have abit of an obsession with reusable bags and when I saw the little Mickey Mouse one it had to go into my shopping bag. Now I’m too scared to use it, just in case I mess it!!!!! ( don’t ask).
Hope you have enjoyed seeing what I’ve been buying from Primark for my Birthday!
I did end up having a lovely weekend and would like to thank everyone for there kind birthday wishes.
If you have been into Primark lately leave a comment below or if you have done a Primark Haul, on a blog post please leave me a link as I love to see what everyone’s buying.
Until next time! 
Jue X 

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