November 17, 2017

By Jue Douglas

 Hiya again and I hope you have had a lovely little week so far. Today I thought I would write a little post about some skincare I kindly received and completely in love with.
It’s from the Avon Anew range and after having a birthday this week and getting another year older it’s seems the perfect time.
If like me you are a little bit obsessed with getting wrinkles and use every single cream going you are going to love this range. I also think you’re never too young to take care of your skin and use an anti ageing product.
Avon has been going for years and I can remember my first ever lipstick I owned was from Avon. My Mum always ordered from the range and when I was about 13 I ordered a lipstick. It came in a little box in blue packaging and I used to take it to school in my coat pocket ( I still don’t know why because I never wore lipstick at school but that’s another story) and it came with me everywhere I went and my love for makeup was born. I have a lot of affection for the brand and have ordered bits and bobs since then.
As it’s Christmas coming with the party season nearly in full swing if your anything like me this is the time when my skin is at its most problematic. Looking tired all the time and the occasional spot or (spots in my case) it’s the perfect time to feel like your really taking care of your skin.

My eyes definitely don’t look like they did 5 years ago.(I know age is a cruel thing) So I have been very keen to use the ANEW CLINICAL LIFY AND FIRM EYELIFT SYSTEM WITH POLYPEPTIDE-X. This little tub contains two products. It has a cream for under the eye and a gel for over the eyelid and brow bone.

It feels lovely on the skin and soaks in really quickly making it suitable for using before you apply makeup. After 4 weeks you should see a real improvement but straight away it should provide a 12 hour visible lift. I’m going to carry on using this for the four weeks and get back to you if I end up looking like a teenager again.

My favourite product in the whole Gift has to be the ANEW ESSENTIAL YOUTH MAXIMISING SERUM. This product feels amazing on the skin. I am a tiny bit in love with any sort of anti aging Serums and this one is no exception. It feels so lightweight on your skin and I use it as well as all my other skin care products in places where I feel needs an extra little bit of sometthing. It does promise superior results over time, so I can’t wait to give it a longer try

The ANEW UNTIMATE DAY MULTI PERFORMANCE CREAM is ideal for a day cream. It contains a SPF 25 which I always love in a cream especially in the summer months as being a sun worshiper it does play havoc with my face.
The Cream itself promises to improve texture, clarity, skin tone and wrinkles so it does have a lot going for it just in one little pot of cream.
In time it promises to convert damaged skin cells into more youthful ones which to me sounds very impressive.
After 2 weeks it reduces the look of deep wrinkles and after 4 weeks it reduces the appearance of skins youthful contours, I don’t think I ever had any youthful contours but it sounds good doesn’t it.
It’s another one I’m going to have to get back to you after I’ve used it to let you know. But at the moment it does feel nice on the skin when applied and does soak in really well so would be great to put it under makeup.
One product I can tell you about now is the ANEW CLEAN ANTI-AGING 3 IN 1 CLEANSING WATER. This stuff is amazing, it’s suitable for all skin types and takes makeup off brilliantly. It feels really gentle on your skin as well as it having anti ageing properties.

Another product that I have been really enjoying using is the AVON CLEAR SKIN PROFESSIONAL DEEP PORE CLEANSING SCRUB.
This is a face cleansing scrub that feels so nice on the skin, even though it does contain little bits for exfoliating your skin.
It contains salicylic acid which work brilliantly as a spot treatment while using as a wash.
I also do a little face mask with this product if I have really problematic skin and it feels so nice and clean afterwards.
It also does remove makeup so an ideal product all round.

I will definitely do a follow up post on all the products to let you know if I’m looking years younger.
Sometimes it’s good to try something new as my skin definitely gets used to certain products and I find that they no longer work. 
If you would like me to do more skin care posts just let me know as even though my heart does belong to Makeup I love letting you guys know what I have been buying and enjoying.
Until next time 
Jue X

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