November 29, 2017

By Jue Douglas

Hi again, and hope you are all well and having a good week so far and life is being kind to you.
Today I just wanted to do a tiny blog post about a new mascara I have been trying.
( £3.30 if you check out Wilko online) Which seems really cheap for a Mascara. So is it any good?
Now I had to admit I probably wouldn’t have popped this into my basket if I hadn’t heard such good reviews about it. Lately I’ve been very happy with the L’Oréal Paradise extatic one that I have recently purchased for a second time. At the same time I bought the L’Oréal one I picked up the Essence one as well. This was in my last blog post that I will leave a link for below
I have tried a few Essence Mascaras before and even though I liked using them at the time i always found I went on to something else.
I did a post in the summer about the ESSENCE VOLUME STYLIST MASCARA. I remembered I enjoyed using it but never repurchased.
I had use the LASH PRINCESS FALSE LASH EFFECT version of this before and even though I completely loved the packaging it didn’t give me enough volume as I would have liked if I’m honest.

The Sculpted version is very different to the false lash effect product and even though it’s in the same family it seems to be completely different.
I love the packaging of all the Lash Princess products. I find them very pretty and look a lot much expensive than they are.
Also the rubber heart and bow design on the lid not only looks great but really helps you hold on to the wand when applying.
The brush itself is slightly curved ( unlike the other two Lash Princesses) and is a proper brush with bristles if you know what I mean.( not a plastic one).
It’s a good size and shape for both the top Lashes and the bottom ones and I find you can really get into the corners.
I really wanted to give it a fair go and I’ve been wearing it everyday since I bought it ( approximately 2 weeks ago).
I have been quick to judge Mascaras in the past but find they get better over time. So wanted to give this a fair try. This one from the first go seems to be really good as I was very impressed that it wasn’t too clumpy and went on very easily. I had to put on three coats to get the look that I wanted but I’m sure one would have been enough for most people.
Now I wouldn’t say it made my lashes look longer but they were definitely fuller unlike the false lash effect product I had previously tried.
I also liked the way my lashes felt as they weren’t too spikey and felt flexible to touch.
For me it’s how it lasts in the day that counts. I have quite watery eyes and get emotional very easily and this didn’t budge one bit. ( even watching the Christmas John Lewis advert which gets me every time). This to me is a total winner as no one wants Panda eyes (except pandas).
It’s so easy to remove as well, which is important to me as I’m not one of these people who ever goes to bed with makeup on. I found it washed off with my usual first cleanser straight away  ( I have started to double cleanse now) so that’s definitely a plus.
If you have tried the green LASH PRINCESS and it wasn’t for you give this one a go as you might be surprised. I am very keen to try the VOLUME & FALSE LASH EFFECT again to see how I go on with these as I so impressed with this one. Maybe the first one I tried was from a different batch or they have changed the formula, either way one might be making its way into my little shopping basket soon.
I do love it when I find little cheap beauty bargains especially at this time of year when we are buying presents and probably haven’t got as much money to spend on ourselves than usual.
I also think it would make a great little stocking filler for any age group and I would love to find one of these under my tree with a big red bow around it on Christmas morning.

Fingers crossed my next post will be the Maybelline Gigi Makeup range. I know I said this last time but I’m just waiting to try out a few more bits before I can complete it.
I also have decided to do a countdown to Christmas with 24 of my favourites products leading up to the festive season which starts on Friday. I will still be doing my usual posts as well as I’ve got a few in mind which are not Christmas themed at all.( I do like to be different).
Until next time you lovely lot
Jue X

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  1. Thanks for posting! I find their products very hit and miss, so it's nice to read a review before I buy.

  2. I’m the same, but do love finding the good products. The Waterproof liquid ink eyeliner is amazing as well. ❤️ X