November 01, 2017

By Jue Douglas

Hello again you lovely lot and thank you for stopping by.
I am writing this while not being very well so please excuse the rambling and the urge to write Lemsips as being one of my favourites, ( yes I have “girl flu” it’s like “man flu” only worse ) and on with the post.
Those eagle eyed ones amongst you might have noticed there wasn’t a September favourites. ( if you didn’t notice I could have got away with not mentioning anything). I have no excuses for this really I just lost abit of my blogging mojo. So this said I thought I would tell you what I’ve been loving this month and probably a little bit in September as well just in case I missed something out.

First I’m going to start off with skincare. I seem to say this every month but the last few weeks my skin has been really problematic. What with dryness and breakouts so I’ve been loving a few skincare  items that really seem to help.
I generally wear makeup everyday ( except today) so need a good cleanser to remove it. Not happy with one cleanse I’ve been double cleansing and then using Micellar water as well. Which is probably a little on the excessive side but I really want to make sure all my makeup is removed.
The best one I’ve found is the;
SOAP AND GLORY PEACHES AND CLEAN DEEP CLEANSING MILK £6.49 This really does melt away makeup and is suitable for all skin types. It’s smells lovely as well ( of peaches) which is always a good thing. It’s even suitable to remove waterproof makeup and doesn’t sting my eyes.
I also want to mention the ;
SUPERDRUG SIMPLY PURE FOAMING CLEANSER for sensitive skin. This stuff is amazing and would have said this was my favourite cleanser but I’m afraid it must have been discontinued as I can’t find it online either. I wanted to mention it just in case you had one lurking in the back of your cupboard or found one left in your local Superdrug branch. It’s such good stuff. It’s fragrance free and also doesn’t sting eyes. I for one am gutted it’s not available.
Another product I have been enjoying is the;
SUPERDRUG B PURE MICELLAR WATER for all skin types £4.49( buy one get on free at the moment). I did buy this when it was on offer and really enjoyed using it. I prefer it to other Micellar waters I've used in the past and a little does go a long way. I’ve had this for over a month now and the bottle is still practically full so definitely worth a try, especially if your a fan of Micellar Water.
We all have to have a pack of wipes in our bathroom cupboard and the;
SUPERDRUG CLEANSING FACIAL WIPES 99p for normal skin are up there as one of my favourites. I get the normal skin ones as I’m never sure what type my skin is ( one day it’s dry, next it’s oily) so if I get normal I’m covered for all. They smell nice and are quite reasonably price.
As I’m getting older I have to use anti wrinkle cream. ( I know!!!!!!) I do try to swap and change the brand to which ever is on offer and this month I’ve been using the ;
GARNIER SKIN ACTIVE ULTRA  LIFT DAY CREAM £9.99 (2 For £12 in Superdrug at the moment).
It leaves my skin really soft even though I’m not sure if it’s got rid of any my wrinkles( only time will tell)  it a nice cream to use. I use it along side the night cream from the same range and will get back to you if I end up looking 10 years younger in my next favourites post.
Now for Makeup:
I am forever swapping and changing my makeup but I have been a tiny bit obsessed with highlighters over the last month. My favourite being the
MAKEUP REVOLUTION I HEART MAKEUP GODDESS OF LOVE TRIPLE BAKED HIGHLIGHTER. At £4.99 these are great value for money and are a brilliant dupe for the Two Faced highlighters, which I have never tried, but I’m so impressed with these I wouldn’t want to spend anymore on a simular product just for a name. The cute packaging makes them even more desirable and if I could I would buy one in every shade. ( its no wonder I never have any money),
I did a blog post on the RIMMEL LONDON STAY MATTE LIQUID LIP in the COLOUR MOCO £5.99 in the summer and was very impressed. It’s definitely my go to lip product at the moment. I do find they can be a little drying so I tend to use a lip balm as well with these but they work so well and are very long lasting.
My new favourite mascara in the world has got to be the
 LOREAL PARIS PARADISE EXTATIC MASCARA. At £11.99 it’s got to be one of the most expensive mascaras I’ve ever bought. But I’ve used this everyday since the end of August and it’s just running out now so I definitely think it’s worth the money. It doesn’t clump at all and its one of those mascaras that gets better with age. I will definitely buy it again when it comes on a 3 of 2 offer.
I have said before about my eyebrows are very sparse so I love a nice brow powder and was surprised to find how much love loved this one.
 It’s the MAKEUP GALLERY ALL ABOUT THE BROW EYEBROW KIT from Poundland and it’s £1. It’s a sort of one palette for all so I can imagine if none of the colours in the palette suit your brow shade it perhaps isn’t the product for you. I use the dark powder shade as a eyeliner so it’s a great little kit to have in your makeup bag.
I have been using the BARRY M MAKEUP SETTING SPRAY MATTE FINISH at £4.99. My foundation that I use is pretty good anyway but I feel a couple of sprits of this and I’m all set for the day.
 My new favourite palette this month ( I seem to have a new one every month) has to be the
MAKEUP REVOLUTION LIFE ON THE DANCE FLOOR, GUEST LIST PALETTE at £10 it’s got  every red/orange shade you could ever dream of in and there will definitely be a blog post about this to follow so I won’t talk about it too much.

Other little beauty items I’ve been loving this month is the
SURE COTTON DRY ANTI PERSPIRANT £1.79 which does exactly what it says on the tin. I usually swap and change. It’s either this or Dove (whichever is the cheapest) and I love them both.
I do love a fragrance mist and I have been loving the;
IMPULSE WHITE LACE AND MUDDY GRASS BODY MIST. Now these are expensive at £6.99 a bottle but I bought mine when they were half price which is what I would want to pay. All the fragrances in the range are very strange and who would have thought muddy grass could smell so nice.
As Christmas approaches I am loving the fact that Boots have got my favourite ever body mists in there gifts sets this year again. Last year I got a set of 3 body mists from the Jack Wills range after Christmas for £5.(it was in the sale ) I loved it that much I have gone and bought another set full price this year ( it will feature in my gift guide blog I’m planning. There is one in particular scent that stands out above the other two and that is the;
JACK WILLS HOPE COVE BODY SPRAY £10 (FOR THE SET). It’s probably my favourite ever body mist ever!!!!!( and that’s a bold statement!)
Anyone who knows me will no how rubbish my hair is and after finding out how I loved the Lee Stafford Chopstick hair styler I went and bought some of his products. I’m particularly loving the
LEE STAFFORD COCO LOCO HAIR OIL at £6.49. It’s brilliant for my dry ends. I also bought the shampoo and conditioner from the same range but I’m not loving that as much as this oil.

Television wise I’ve been loving LIAR. It literally had me on the edge of my seat. I won’t spoil the ending for those of you still wanting to watch it but it’s so good. The actoring is superb and Loan Gruffudd is extremely easy on the eye in real life ( not that I’ve seen him in real life, I am well aware I’ve made it sound like I see him all the time when, I mean he’s lovely looking he just doesn’t play a nice part in Liar and I’ve probably ruined the entire series now for those who haven’t seen it yet so I will shut up now.)
What have you been loving last month?
Leave in the comments below if you have used anything that I have loved and what you thought.
Jue X

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