October 31, 2017

By Jue Douglas

Hiya again and welcome back to my blog. Today I thought I would bring to you a little payday haul to show you lovely lot the things I have been buying this week and for you to decide if I really did need them or as I just wasting my money ( the latter I think).
My haul is only tiny and there are plenty of more things I might go back for but without further ado here’s what I’ve bought...
My heart will always belong to makeup and I do tend to spend way to much money in that department.
So I took a little wander into my local SUPERDRUG store.
My biggest weakness  at the moment seems to be palletes and i know you can’t have too many of them but there is only so many burnt orange/red shades you can wear on your eyelids at one time.
I am a complete sucker for a Makeup Revolution palette and I’m loving the new LIFE ON THE DANCE FLOOR range that they have bought out with Christmas in mind. At £10 these are brilliant buy. The one I have is the GUEST LIST Pallete, but the other two in the range are so beautiful I could be tempted to return and buy them all.
The pallete is very wearable and is super pigmented like all Revolution palletes are And I haven’t tried a bad one yet.
Another little makeup obsession of mine at the moment are highlighters
So I picked up this I heart makeup triple baked Summer of Love ( I know it’s not summer) highlighter for £4.99. I didn’t really need another highlighter from this range ( I have 5 already) but this one was so pretty so it ended up in my little basket.

I can usually find something in every single shop I visit and food shopping is no different so on a recent trip to ASDA.
I happened to come across this cute unicorn mug I had to pop it in my trolley.
Now I don’t really need a new mug ( I think I’ve said that before about the highlighters) but thought it was really cute and I justified it to myself that’s its £3.50 and I can use it to hold all my makeup brushes. So it’s now sitting on my dressing table looking so cute and unicorny!!! holding all my makeup brushes. So not a complete waste of £3.50.
Then I happened to stumble across PRIMARK!!!!
This is never a good thing for my bank balance when this happens.
 It will come as a surprise to you that I didn’t end up spending that much. Yes there are things I definitely want to go back for and I know I will in time but this week it was just a pair of earrings and two jumpers ( I did get some underwear but you guys don’t want to be seeing that)

The earrings are some tassel earrings. I am totally loving this style at the moment. I love the whole big earring trend at the moment and can’t wait to wear these ones. At £2.50 they seemed abit of a bargain ( as they have some in H&M for £8.99) and I am hopping that they will do different colours in them as I would love some purple ones.
I picked up a couple of tops while I was in there as well. The white sweatshirt was £5 and is designer inspired. As with all the sweatshirts in Primark it’s really comfy and such a bargain I just had to pick it up.
Another jumper I picked up was a Christmas jumper. Now I’m not sure if it’s too early to buy a Christmas jumper but I do know they sell out in Primark so I thought I would get in early.
This one was £12 and has little pugs on it. I’m usually a cat person and if I go back and they have the same design but with cats on I would definitely buy it but It’s very cosy and I think I’ll be wearing it most of December, ( it has to be done in December!!!!)

 I haven’t done one of these type of blog posts in a while so if you have enjoyed it I would love for you to comment below.
 I know I love hearing what people have been buying myself whether it expensive or cheap as I’m just nosy like that.
I don’t know and worry if it comes across as bragging but I can assure you I never spend too much so everything I own is in easy reach for all purse pockets and more expensive versions are available if you don’t have to watch the pennies like myself.
All in all a good shopping trip.
If you have bought any of these things or can recommend a Christmas Jumper with cats on, please feel free to message me.
Jue X

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