December 13, 2017

By Jue Douglas
Hi and welcome back again to my tiny part of the internet and the second part of my dupes special that I am putting together., I hope you are having a lovely week and life is being kind to you on the run up to Christmas.
As you probably know by now I love budget and drugstore makeup.
I can’t think of anything nicer when you’re out and about shopping than going into your local drugstore and checking out all the lovely makeup on the stands.
I don’t have money to spend on luxury makeup and believe that you can still achieve simular look with cheaper brands.
Money can be tight on the run up to Christmas when we are spending stupid amounts of money on our loved ones or indeed saving for a new boiler! So this gave me a brilliant idea of researching the more expensive beauty products and seeing if I can find drugstore dupes. Over the last month or so I’ve been going around department stores testing out luxury products. Obviously I can’t test the longevity of these products on the face but I have been able to see if the shades are the same or a product feels nicer, etc.
Today is the turn of ELF(as it’s Christmas) which has to be one of my favourite drugstore ranges. It’s quite new to the UK and is available at Superdrug
Recently I picked up some bits and I thought I try the blush and bronzing palette from the range. This I had read was a dupe for the NARS Orgasm/Laguna palette. Hence my reason for adding this to my basket.
The packaging is identical to each other and this is the type of packaging I completely love. Simple and not too fancy. It’s black with white writing on and very slim, perfect to fit in handbags or makeup bags.
I have tried a few Elf products before (some I’ve been happy with some I wouldn’t repurchase) but never a Blusher or a bronzer so I couldn’t wait to try it.
The Nars one is approximately £30 which is expensive. The elf one is £5!!!!!
Now the elf one is ment to be a matte product and at first glance they do both look the same but the colour difference on the swatch is quite easy to see. The elf one doesn’t give off the same sheen and is a little bit more difficult to blend. Saying that I think if you work with it and maybe build up your colours you can achieve a similar look and save yourself £25 as well.
Even though the Elf one says it’s Matte it’s not too muddy on the face. There  are little bits of glitter, in there as well which doesnt look overly obvious from the swatch and I don’t think this product needs it because I completely love the fact it is a matte product. I wasn’t able to try the Nars product on my face so can’t give a true comparison, that said it hasn’t made me want to splash out the extra money buying the more expensive product after doing a cheeky little swatch.
Since I own the Elf one I have been trying it over the last week, with and without primer/ setting spray to give it a fair trial. It is very long lasting and wears really well.
I would definitely repurchase the elf one and even if I won the lottery probably wouldnt buy the Nars one as it’s so expensive for such a simular product.

It will come as no surprise if you know me that I’m rubbish with the whole contour/highlighter thing. It seems no matter how many tutorials I watch on you tube when it comes to my face I look pants!! How I would love to be one of those girls who glows without looking like a disco ball, but alas that is not me. So I need any help I can get to be honest. With failure not being an option I have been on search of products to help me on my quest for the perfect highlighter, which I have to admit I find harder than the contour/ bronzer to find.
This week I was lucky enough to try this beautiful looking glow kit from Makeup Revolution.
I have seen this in the shops and online for a while now but because the glow kit itself is £8 which I did think this was a little pricey for a Revolution product hence why I didn’t purchase..... but there was an offer on ( I’m a sucker for an offer) so I thought it’s Christmas, it’s the perfect time to try it. ( I didn’t really need an excuse if I’m honest!!!!)
I briefly mentioned this in my Superdrug haul which I have linked below just in case you missed it.
But really wanted to give this product a little first impressions post all of its very own.

Now this palette is beautiful, not only the shades but it’s the packaging as well.
The packaging is very fancy , a little too fancy for me if I’m honest,. I’m guessing that’s why it’s £8.
It comes in a little box. Inside the little box is a velvet pouch and then inside that is a matte black Clasp shaped compact.( so over packaged but gorgeous for photos and does make the product look more expensive than it is). The compact does resemble a little purse with very pretty rose gold hardware. The palette itself does remind me of a Charlotte Tilbury face palette , Even though I’ve never really tried the Charlotte Tilbury one( only a cheeky little swatch in a store one day) I know it is more shimmery and costs £49.(and I thought £8 was pricey £49 is crazy) I think that’s why I love Makeup Revolution so much as they do brilliant dupes of more expensive products that we all love the sound of but don’t ( for whatever reason) want to pay the price of. The packaging is very different though which I’m surprised about as the brand usually do similar style packaging to the dupe
( if that makes sense) but this one is nicer and would look so pretty in anyone’s makeup bag.
The product contains a bronzer and a glow ( highlighter).
The bronzer is neutral in tone with no shimmer when applied ( that’s how I like a bronzer). It shows up very well on my skin without looking muddy. I’m quite pale in the winter so this shade is perfect for me but I’m not sure if would suit all skin tones. On light/medium skin in my opinion would be really nice and makes a lovely contour. I use this with my Real Techniques Contour Brush. It’s so easy to blend and the colour pay off is really nice.
The highlighter is so pretty. It’s a sort of champagne tone and not too shimmery. no disco balls here),
As I’ve said I’m not the best at using highlighter and don’t use it everyday, I find it’s very buildable so you only need to use a little and it’s easy to add more as the day goes on. I use a little powder brush to apply the highlighter but find it does look nice if you dap it on with your finger tips.
It does seem to last as well with just a very soft ever so slight glow that can be built up or toned down. When I’m testing a makeup product I don’t use a setting spray ( unless I want to test a setting spray that is) as I feel it’s cheating and it still lasts. I did take the product out with me to top up throughout the day but I think I could have got away without a top out.
With a setting spray I’m sure you could get away without a top up and definitely would last you a night out.
It has definitely made me want to try more highlighter products from the Makeup Revolution range ( I’m supposed to be saving) as there has never been a Makeup Revolution product I haven’t liked and really want to up my game in the highlighting department.

If you are thinking of buying this product, please do as it’s a brilliant and even though I think £8 is a little steep after using it and finding out a simular product is £49 I’ve definitely changed my mind and it’s a bargain!!!!!!
If you have bought it, what do you think? Do you love it just as much as me!!!!
I’m going to carry on doing a few blogs on dupe products. If you know of any I haven’t talked about please let me know as I’m excited to try new fairer priced products.

Until next week
Jue X

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