December 08, 2017

By Jue Douglas

Hello again you lovely lot and thank you for stopping by. I hope you’re having a good week on the run up to Christmas and life is treating you kindly.
After a bad week last week, this week I was super excited to get my hands on the Soap and glory set from Boots.
They do one every year and it’s always half price the week it comes out.
This one is £30 this week ( the same price as last year) and its kind of a big deal for me to get my hands on one as it’s abit of a Christmas tradition to buy myself one as a present to myself.(please don’t tell me I’m the only one who does this)
The Soap and Glory Set contains all of the best selling products from the brand. Every year I have been impressed with what the sets have contained. This one is no different.
I thought I would do a quick little post to show you what’s in the set product by product so you can see what you get for your money. Like a little unboxing to show you what you get in the box and the packaging.

As I have said the set is on offer at £30 from £60. The products themselves add up to £75 if you bought them separately. I probably wouldn’t buy the set at £60 but £30 is such a good deal for this set as they are all full size products, even the makeup is full sized.
The set this year comes in a sturdy cardboard box which would be brilliant for keeping all your Soap and Glory bits in. I did love the tin they did last year but probably a box is more practical for me.
So what’s in the set;

CLEAN ON ME Shower Gel 500ml
This come in a handy pump bottle and is definitely more like a Cream than a shower gel.
It smells so nice and has an extract of mandarin peel. It also says it has a built in body lotion so it’s a two in one product.

RIGHTEOUS BUTTER 3-in-1 Body Wash 250ml. 
I can’t believe I’ve never used this before but I can’t wait. It says it’s super hydrating and can be use to cleanse, shave and moisturise. It smells so good, containing Shea Butter, Cocoa, Grapeseed,Sweet Almond And Macadamia Oils. It’s super hydrating and I think it would be great like it says on the tube for saving.

SCRUB OF YOUR LIFE Body Buffer 200ml
This is probably the nicest body buffer I’ve ever used. 
I really like how this makes your skin feel as this was in last years box and I completely love it. It’s one of those products that I repurchase over and over again and I’m so glad they have included it again in this set.

This is a staple item that is a soap and glory best seller. A tub has been in every set I’ve ever had ( I think this is the 4th year I’ve had this collection). This is great to use on dry elbows and knees( that’s what I use it for). It contains softening shea butter and aloe Vera which makes it suitable for very dry skin. 

SMOOTHIE STAR Body Milk 500ml
This is my favourite of all the Soap and Glory fragrances. It smells so good and contains Almonds,Oats and Brown Sugar. This was in last years set as well and was the first item I used all up first before any of the rest. 

FACE SOAP & CLARITY Facial Wash 350ml
I first discovered this in one of these sets, I can’t remember if it was last year or the year befores one. 
This is such a lovely face wash it has a 3 in 1 daily detox with vitamin C. It Smoothes, Cleans And Purifies. It’s suitable for all skin types and contains Natural Yuzu Superfruits. I have used this before and have repurchased this many times. It’s amazing stuff and even it really does make you’re skin feel cleaner and brighter. 

BRIGHT & BEAUTIFUL Radiance-Boosting Mask 34.6g 
This mask is for the day after the night before. It’s called Party Recovery and contains Vitamin C. White Flower, Lotus Flower, Cherry Blossom And Roolbos Tea Extract. It’s especially for dull, lacklustre skin, well that’s me in a nutshell. 
I can’t wait to use this ( I’m thinking Christmas Eve while watching the Snowman and the Snowdog and the mask can soak up my tears)  I have never used any of the Soap and Glory face masks before so this gives me the perfect opportunity to try one.

This mascara was in last years set. I completely love the shiny packaging and the size and shape of the product. 
I really want to like this mascara and I’m sure the formula is really good but I don’t really like the brush. It’s far to thin for me, but I know someone who swears by this as she loves thin brushes so I will be gifting it to her.

SUPERCAT  Liquid Eyeliner in Black 1.6g
This is another item I can’t wait to get my hands on. Who doesn’t like a eyeliner pen and I’ve heard good reviews about this one. I will keep you updated what I think about this. Anything remotely with the name Cat in the title gets a thumbs up from me ( I’m such a cat person) 

SEXY MOTHER PUCKER Lip Gloss in Plums Up 7ml
This was in last years set but in a different shade. I’m more of a Matte lip girl but it’s a lovely 
shade and it might be nice to try something different. The shade is called Plumslip and has shiny glitter particles inside which is ideal for the party season.
I’m impressed it’s a full sized product as last year was mini sized. 

I’m so happy with this set and even though I prefered the packaging of the tin last year. Now I have got my hands on this set my Christmas can begin.

Just in case you need more Soap and Glory the Set also comes with a £5 off when you spend £15 on body loving products and a chance to win a set of products worth £250.
I will leave the link below just in case you want to get your hands on one. If you have bought this or are thinking of buying it I would love to know what’s your  favourite item from the set? ( I know there’s far to many to choose from to pick a favourite)
Until next time
Jue X

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